Guide to online features in Pokemon Insurgence

Register first:

For any online function of pokemon insurgence, you need to register an online name.

Go to DexNav>online play(mouse click the middle of the three buttons)>register

You’ll be prompted to make a username and password, once done you can go online.

After you register once, you can use it to just login whenever you want to access online stuff.

Note: You cannot access online features if you are playing certain challenge modes.

Friend safari:

For friend safari, you need the secret base which can be bought in Metchi town. After buying it, you can access it from behind the bookshelf in the basement of any pokecentre. Go inside your secret base, and go into the room into the grass. Go into the cave inside that room and login using your online name. Then type the name of the base you wish to visit.

Friend safari is really useful as you can catch a lot of pokemon there. Here is a list of friend safaris as well as important things to know, such as how slots work:

Online trading, wonder trading and online battling

For trade, go to online play(mouse click the middle of the three buttons)>trade and type the username of another player, who in return has to type your username. Note that the usernames are case sensitive This has been changed in a later update, usernames for trading aren’t case sensitive anymore.

After that both of you have to press enter at the same time or the other person must press enter within a span of almost 2 minutes after the first one pressed enter.

You need to have the pokemon to be traded in your party(preferably the 1st slot as sometimes you may be unable to move the cursor). Edit: This happens rarely these days.

Try not to tab out while trading, though if you get stuck on ‘waiting’ or black screen for more than 15 seconds, then you can press x to cancel and try again. Black screen usually implies one of you did not enter the other person’s trade name correctly in regards to case sensitive.

If all else fails, try typing the usernames in a different order (e.g. You type your friends name, then he types yours, and vice versa)

Note:Trades DO NOT work if you are on the same IP/router.

Wonder Trading:

For wonder trade, go to online play(mouse click the middle of the three buttons)>wonder trade.

Notes: You need to have the pokemon to be traded in your party. Will only work if at least one other person is sending out a wonder trade the same time as you.


The process is similar for online battling but you must not tab out after accepting a battle(and till you complete it). There’s a minor bug in online battling where 0 and 1 are displayed after selecting battle option as well as accepting a battle but pressing c or enter repeatedly takes care of that.

Edit after Battling in-game is still buggy to the extent that only 1v1 battles are possible. Reason being any kind of switching(including switching in a pokemon after the previous one faints) causes the game to get stuck. In addition, the following also cause the same: Any switching moves that cause switching like U-turn, Volt switch, Whirlwind, Roar, etc.; leech seed, and custom moves. If a critical hit occurs, that causes the game to be stuck on waiting as well. You can also use the battle sim:

Edit after 1.2

Battling is slightly better and more than one pokemon can be used, but it’s still very buggy and you will crash a lot unexpectedly. The battling sim has yet to be updated to include 1.2 content. If you’re willing to help update it, here’s the link

Edit after 1.2.5

Battling has been phased out due to instability and current development on the battle sim is occurring at the following gitlab if you with to help bring it up to date with 1.2.5.

One more thing, always save before trading/battling, just in case if you crash and loose your progress.

#People use the discord chat to synchronize sending the trade/battle requests, it makes it a lot easier.

Regarding discord and trading, keep in mind the forum rules and the #rules in discord.

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server is not connecting 4 me. what should i do

Are you on the latest version?

how will i check my version? i last played in january

While you are in the game, press x or esc to get the menu and click your name. It should show 1.1.7 next to the time played. Else, download the latest version.

Very Informative, good for people who are new with the game. Thanks for the guide @Sleepy


Help! I’ve been trying to trade with a friend but everytime I try it keeps saying that hes not online D:

Are you on the same IP address? Same house/building for example?

When I try to register for Online Play, it pops up a message saying, “Script ‘Socket’ line 216: Errno::ECONNRESET occured. Was forcibly interrupt existing connection by the remote host.”

Then when I click okay, it closes it. I’ve tried adding it to my firewall and even turning off my Firewall, but it keeps saying it.

Are you on the latest version? Check your trainer card to see if it says 1.1.7. If it does, restart your computer and try re-downloading the game.

Yes, I am. I tried all of that and it won’t work. I even just got WiFi back on today. No clue why it won’t work.

Mine is fully updated and different IP addresses but still not workiing

same for me here :frowning2:

doing the same for me too, I the error message and clicking okay business :cry:

@Shadeslayer739, @monsi1223, @lolington, @bubblebean. Try adding the game to your firewall exceptions or DEP exceptions.

thanks :slight_smile: You must have typed this out as I was playing around with my firewall:joy: but thank you its worked :smiley:

when i try to use the online mode nothing happens and after 2 minutes there is an error: “the script is taking too long. game will restart. if this error occures the server may be down”. i use 1.1.7, what is wrong then?

The server is offline currently for online features.

This, Friend safari username list needs to be Bumped, Upvoted or made more accessible,Spreadsheet

also sharing this list