New Player - Where to start looking at?

Hi guys, i downloaded the game today. And i see that there are many things going on here. What i noticed first is that there isnt a “Guide” Category. So i dont know where to start from. I see new things as Delta./ IV coins? / trades / megastones . and also i dont know whats going on with Shinies/ breeding / Tms / items.

If there are guide articles about them please comment them because i didnt find any. If not, i would like to know more things about this game and how it works thanks :slight_smile:

Just check the wiki on the top of this site, you’ll find most of the things you need to know there. Same chance as normal Pokemon.

Sorry I messed something up, when replying

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thanks i read the info on the wiki. Does delta pokemons have a shiny chance or they are like normal pokemons? oke

I’m pretty sure Deltas have the same shiny chance as any other Pokemon.

i meant if they spawn in the same rate as normal pokemons or at the same rate as shinies. But i know now that they spawn like normal pokemons and they also have the chance to be shiny. : )

Deltas are only encounterable at certain spots. For most deltas, you can only get one. You don’t randomly find deltas in the wild like you do for shinies.

There’s a guides directory.

Delta pokemon / IV stone(and the best place for rock smash) / Online trades and trade values and witch doctor / Mega stones and the available ones / heartscales / Secret Base.

Shinies / Breeding in pokemon and breeding in insurgence and a breeding guide / TMs and currently available ones in insurgence / Items / Some additional stuff.

Further tools: For insurgence specific stuff: Search bar and Wiki. For pokemon in general: bulbapedia and serebii.

Feel free to ask questions that haven’t been already covered by the links included above.

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