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Welcome to the FAQ for Pokémon Insurgence. If it is your first time here, you should read at least the first section completely. Keep this FAQ for reference if you have doubts or questions later. We also recommend playing Pokémon Zeta and Omicron; that might help you get a better grip of what this game is.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in this FAQ, you can use the search bar of the subreddit (located at the right part of this page) or check the Pokémon Insurgence Wiki, which has a search bar on the top part of the page. You can also use the Submit a Question link at the right part of this page to ask what you need. Another option is to connect to the Pokémon Insurgence Chat and ask there directly.

About Pokemon Insurgence

Mechanics questions

Ingame help


Troubleshooting, bugs, errors


Hacking and data mining will result in a permanent ban from the Insurgence forums and the Discord chat.

  1. If you are trading something valuable or for something valuable, be sure to verify legitimacy with screenshots BEFORE you trade.

  2. Don’t scam other traders. This includes “cloning” a Pokemon and trading it for another trainer’s Pokemon/Items.

  3. Don’t post bug reports, they belong on the bug tracker

  4. Read the FAQ before posting to see if your question is already answered there.

  5. Before posting use the search bar to the top right to see if your question is already answered somewhere else.

  6. Don’t forget to check the Wiki, as a lot of questions can be answered with it.

  7. Post all posts in their appropriate categories

  8. If you think the server is down, message @deukhoofd, he can restart the server.

  9. If you want to get more involved with the community, join the Discord

  10. Please don’t post about your amazing randomizer encounter, every Pokemon has a 1/721 chance of appearing (and it’s like a 1/7 chance for a legendary). They are not so rare that you should post about it.

  11. You are allowed to post your own Lets Plays of Pokemon Insurgence, but at most one per day, and keep your videos in the same thread.

  12. Selling Pokemon for money is not allowed. Creating outside Discord servers for the purpose of conducting trades is also prohibited.