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Breeding Guide

##---------------------------------------- Essentials ----------------------------------------

01- Oval Charm - can be bought from Helios Black Market. It increases the chance of getting an Egg from the Daycare Center.
02- Everstone(s) - can be bought from Helios Department Store. The Pokémon holding an Everstone will pass down its Nature.
03- Destiny Knot - Given at Metchi Town by a Female Ace Trainer. When held by a Pokémon while breeding, the baby Pokémon inherits 5 different IVs from both of its parents.
04- Talonflame with the ability Flame Body (halves the number of cycles it takes for an Egg to hatch) and/or the move Fly.
05- Ditto and Delta Ditto with different natures (one with preferable 6 IVs if going Competitive), needed for breeding original Pokémon and Delta Pokémon respectively.

06- Pokémon with the ability Synchronize, examples are Ralts, Abra, Munna, etc. Need to catch Pokémon with certain Nature.

07- Pokémon with the ability Cute Charm, examples are Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Skitty, etc. In Insurgence the Pokémon attracts other wild Pokémon with the same gender, so Female -> Female, and Male -> Male. Best suited use to get a Pokémon with a low rate of a certain gender in the wild.

----------------------------------- Basic Inheritance -----------------------------------

01- Nature:
To get a specific Nature for your Pokémon you can go 2 ways:
a) use a Ditto or Delta Ditto you have with the needed Nature holding an Everstone while breeding.
b) use a Synchronize Pokémon you have with the needed Nature as your lead in a wild Pokémon encounter to copy its Nature to the wild Pokémon you want to breed with later.

02- Ability:
The Normal Abilities the Pokémon have can pass equally while breeding if they have more than one Ability.
The Hidden Ability the Pokémon have can pass from the Female Pokémon only while breeding, Male Pokémon can pass their Hidden Ability only if they breed with a Ditto. Hidden Ability Pokémon can be acquired at the Friend Safari or from the Dream Guru at Gaea Town using Dream Mist .

03- Moves:
To acquire certain moves through breeding you have to follow certain chains and steps, which can be followed if searched the chain thoroughly over the wiki for the Pokémon needed. Noting that you have to follow the same Egg Groups order. Original Pokémon only have access to breeding for Egg Moves, TMs, and HMs, Delta Pokémon don’t have access to breeding Egg Moves, TMs, and HMs because they only breed with Delta Ditto.
Moves Inheritance in Insurgence been tested and proved to pass as followed:

  • Male TMs and HMs pass 1st.
  • Female and Male EMs pass 2nd.
  • The moves follow a reverse-numerical order, Z-A.
    EM (Egg Move), TM (Technical Machine), HM (Hidden Machine).
    Tip: Level up your Pokémon (through the Level Trainer at your Secret Base) to a high level if they have moves to pass while breeding to prevent those moves being replaced if they level up while they are within the Daycare Center, also it’s better to delete other moves (by the Move Deleter found at the basement of the Pokémon Center) that are not needed to pass while breeding to make the process more efficient.

4- IVs:
To get IVs either you catch a Pokémon that already have some IVs or use IV Stones which are acquired through Rock Smash or winning reward from the Battle Frontier.
Preferable approach is to hunt for 6 IV Stones then using them on a Ditto or Delta Ditto to aqcuire a 6IV Ditto. The Ditto then will be used to pass the IVs to the Pokémon you want through breeding, either of the 2 Pokémon will be holding a Destiny Knot to guarantee 5IVs passing to the baby Pokémon from both parents.

------------------------------------- Breeding Steps -------------------------------------

01- Get Talonflame in your team.

02- Get your 2 Pokémon to breed at the Pokémon Daycare Center in Metchi Town.

03- Walk/Bike around the area to start the breeding process.

04- Save every time BEFORE you speak to the Old Lady when you check if the Pokémon Egg is ready.
Alternative Option: Talk to the Old Guy inside the House to check if the Pokémon Egg is Ready or not (longer process).

05- Once you have the Egg ( DO NOT SAVE THE GAME ), you have 2 options:
a) Walk/bike around the area until the Pokémon Egg Hatches.
b) Fly to Vipik City and head to the Egg Hatcher (2nd building to the left of Pokemon Center) to hatch your Pokémon Egg.

06- If you didn’t get the baby Pokémon you need Soft Reset using F12 and repeat the previous step 5.

07- Additional step, repeat breeding for IVs every time you get a better IV breeding partner for a higher chance getting the perfect IV set you need to the baby Pokémon.

Happy Breeding!


Thank for the detailed guide, with helpful illustrations. This is exactly what the forum needs, so we can just keep linking people back to your post.

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Thank you for this guide!

You’re welcome.
Glad it’s handy.

You’re welcome.

Hey, sorry if I didn’t understand the post but, how do I get a perfect 6IV through breeding? I have a 6IV Ditto and trying to get a 6IV Eevee but I’ve been getting 5IV Eevee, (Destiny Knot on Ditto)

IVs w/ Destiny Knot pass 5IVs so the 6th one is random, keep trying with the soft reset till it is 6IVs, it depends on luck (:

Trying to soft reset but it seems it’s the same IVs, am I doing this wrong? Also at the Vipik it says 8000 steps either way having flame body or not, is that right? Thanks for all the help btw :slightly_smiling:

Did you save before you picked up the egg or after?

I saved after, guessing you save before.

Yes. Flame Body simply deducts 2 steps instead of 1 while walking. So the overall total is still the same, it just counts down faster when running around with Flame Body.

Yes, you must save before getting the egg. So the IVs can regenerate.

I see! Thanks for the explanation!

Thank you for all the help! Happy breeding :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, enjoy :slightly_smiling:

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You should probably say something about Smeargle on there. Smeargle is sometimes a great way to get multiple egg/unobtainable TM moves on the same Pokemon. For example, the only way to get Ice Beam AND Sludge Bomb on Nidoran is by using a Smeargle. So Smeargle should be at least mentioned…

Smeargle is useful, but not essential (:
It may make multiple moves breeding easier for some, but not all Pokemon relay on it.
Also, it is a temporarily method to use Smeargle currently, by the next update it won’t be needed as much.
If anyone wants a breeding chain tips, they can ask around here too and certainly they will find out an answer.

do you know if i can get a torchic with baton pass and sword dance? right now, i have a torchic with swords dance and im breeding it with a evee that has baton pass. the only move the torchic knows is swords dance and the only move the evee knows is baton pass. when they have an egg, the baby had the moves scratch, growl, and baton pass. How do i make it so i can get swords dance and baton pass on one torchic?

The Torchic needs to be male and the Eevee needs to be female. Otherwise you just need to make sure that the 2 Pokemon don’t forget their moves while they’re in the daycare and you’re walking around.

Make sure the Torchic knowing Sword Dance is Male, following Insurgence moves breeding I have in the guide, only Males pass down TMs, and have another Female Torchic knowing the move Baton Pass and breed them together to get both moves to your baby.
For the future, if you have a Male Torchic w/ both moves, just breed it w/ a Ditto and all your babies will have the 2 moves.