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Need thunderstone please [Trading] (4)
HELP I NEED (Insert pokemon name here) [Trading] (3)
Delta female Ralts [Trading] (3)
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D. Charmander For other D. Starters/ D. Munchlax [Trading] (3)
Need the item i lost [Trading] (3)
Need a Feebas with Adaptibility [Trading] (2)
I need a water stone please [Trading] (14)
I need a steelix [Trading] (4)
D Larvesta, D Amaura, D Elekid, and D Snorunt [Trading] (8)
Insurgence OU Viability Rankings V -1.2 [Battling] (5)

Welcome to the official insurgence ou viability rankings. Here we can all come together to decide which pokemon are fit for ou and where according to pokemon insurgence 1.2. Feel free to post any thoughts or opinions for…

Could someone please trade me a Delta Bulbasaur? [Trading] (15)
Looking for a Delta Squirtle [Trading] (14)
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Battel me..pleas? [Battling] (2)
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Can give shiny for legend [Trading] (2)
Looking for a Zygarde! [Trading] (2)
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Looking to change my Excadrill's ability[...] [Trading] (13)
Ponyta for Typhlosion [Trading] (6)
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Shiny Audino for trade [Trading] (5)