Delta Drifloon

Trading Name: 7Silver7

Offer: Any delta pokemon that I can breed for you

Request: Delta Drifloon (any level, any stats, any nature)

Further info: Mine exploded when I encountered it

I can trade you one.

yes thx.
when r u online? we can do drifloon as well as golett trade. also, what do u want for both of them?

I can trade up to 2 hours from this message.

My trading name is the same as my user name, you can send any mon for the trade

welp, too late now. I’ll be there for trade 2 hrs from the time u sent the message tmrw (around 7:30-7:40pm IST).

Send me a message when you are ready (around 7:30 -7:40pm IST).

I will

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