Need a delta froakie

Trading Name: Jaime000000000

Offer: I have a shiny nose pass but not much else.

Request: delta froakie (can just be bred with delta ditto)

Further info: I haven’t been too far in the game yet and I kinda want a good grass type Pokémon for my team. Delta froakie is a postgame pokemon so yeah.

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Do you still need the D. Froakie?

Yeah if you’ve got one I’d be grateful

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When can you trade?

I’m on right now so I can set it up. But what do you want in return?

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Anyhting is fine, what`s your trading name?

Mine is the same as my username

It’s Jaime000000000

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that`s 9 zeros or the letter O

It’s 9 zeros

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can you trade now? n

Yeah I can trade. It’s searching rn

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