Delta Litwick wanted

Trading Name: MrJames

Offer: Delta Pidgey

Request: Delta Litwick/Lampent

Further info: Doing a new all-delta run, need it sooner than it is avialable. Preferably a modest nature.

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Got some available, owuld you prefer an optimal one or a less optimal one (for an easier/harder) playthrough?

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Would prefer a modest one with decent ice (10+) but neutral natures also work well

Other than not having 0 attack ivs for minimal foul play/confusion dmg this one is “perfect”

This one has (imo) the wrong ability, and imperfect ivs but is more realistic to find in an actual playthrough

We do appear to live in different timezones however so coordinating this might be difficult, but I should be available for the next 12ish hours

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I am available right now and at roughly 6 am gmt
any times you prefer?

Pokemon Insurgence 06-04-2023 08_30_16
Unfortunately, it has a bad nature

Currently trying to get another one, will update you later

Also, pls rename them ‘Lumiera’

Great, I’m ready now and for a couple of hours. Also feel free to keep the pidgey, I don’t mind.

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What’s the trading name?
Also I would like the first one, available for around 15-20 minutes

“You sux”

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

want any other one while we’re at it? Many are locked to the postgame

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Which ones do you have?
I want to replace my delta scizor.

Do you have a good delta metagross (spider)?

Bulbasaur, snivy, yanmega, buneary, tangela, roselia, goomy, beldum, misdreavus, cyndaquil, axew

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I can get anything, but the ones above are ready this instant. Altough I can breed one for you

beldum pls

It’s ruin beldum, should’ve specified

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i need a ground type delta, but rock is also fine

tangela is quite decent, but I can get beldum spider, or something else but I will need like 30 minutes to breed it

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