Trading big boi

Trading Name: ggg

Offer: level 81 carracosta

Request: A dual type dragon prefered noivern

Further info:

I don’t know how to trade, if you tell me just let me know what dragon you want - I don’t have Noivern strangely enough - I have a Delta One? -
-Dragonite L.99
-Garchomp L.96
-Dragalge L.72
-Hydreigon L.93

Also - I have an EGG if you want to take a risk! :wink:

-D.Larvesta L1

would you do the delta noivern ?

Yeah no problem!

How do I do it?

when you use the dexnav click the 3rd option and make a trading account with a name and password
then what you do is tell me the name so i can trade you

DT13 is my trading name! Cheers! :slight_smile:

try trading me it says your not online XDDRIFT

has it worked for you

I’m on it now im logged in

Are you still logged in i was kinda late to reply

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