I need a delta bulbasaur

I need him for a pokedex cause im trying to fill it.
I dont have much just casual pokemon.
My trading name: Laczmi12

At what point are you in the game??

I have just beaten 7th gym but i want to start collecting the pokedex as fast as possible so i wont have to do more later

I can give u one I think. Give me anything in return.

Thanks a lot. I playing rn so tell me when you hop on ok?

I would say Modest or Timid since D-Venusaur is pretty bulky already (M-D-Venusaur even more so). Not sure what boosting moves are available, but if he has a way to raise SpAtk I would choose Timid, if not go Modest for the extra power.

so sry I was inactive. I think I will be online this Friday 11a.m. IST

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