Route 4 hidden grotto glitch/looking for d.sunkern

I beat most of the game aside from the post game and I want to finish the pokedex, thing is I can’t find a delta sunkern for my life.

It’s not a matter of being unlucky, it’s the fact that every time I go in the grotto, nothing spawns. I even saved outside the grotto and went back in repeatedly by going back to my save and still nothing, not even an item spawned in.

So now I’m left in a state where I can’t finish the dex, and I was wondering if someone could help me out and trade it to me?

My user is: Brivis

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I can trade you one

When can you get on?

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I can trade up to 6 hours from this message, just send me a message when you are available

My trading name is the same as my user name

What`s your username?

I sent the message

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can you trade now?

I can’t because I just lost all my save data, at least when I open the game, I haven’t checked the files too much.

When I open the game it doesn’t bring me to the mew-like title screen like it does when you first start playing. It brings me to the giratina one aka the one at the end of the game but without my actual save

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Have you checked the saved games files from your PC, there should be a folder named pokemon insurgence

Ya I checked that and there was nothing in the folder.

The file of my actual save data somehow moved to the file where you can open the game, so I just moved it back.

I’ll get on when I’m fully done fixing this, I just want to make sure everything is done.

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Ok I should be good to go now

My user is:

Do you want anything in particular?

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Anything is fine

When can you trade?

Yes I can, I’ll be on the trading screen

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Thank you

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No problem :wink:

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