LF delta breedjects

Trading Name: richie560

Offer: none

Request: delta breedjects

Further info: I’ve just gotten my secret base and want to use some delta pokemon but i dont have much free time to actually play the game. If you have some spare delta breedjects or even eggs let me know please.

Ill be available tonight and tomorrow

I would be willing to give some spare deltas. Any specific types you are looking for?

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I’m mainly looking for these right now bc i caught d. Ralts last night and got a d. Snorlax and d. Axew on discord last night.

Delta beldum spider
Delta larvesta
Delta aron
Delta deino
Delta growlithe
Delta riolu

I actually have most most of those. I have Beldum, deino, growlithe and riolu. The deino is still in egg form, but I can hatch it real quick. I also have a spare litwick, wailmer, torchic, dratini and tangela if you are interested

If you wouldnt mind hatching the egg I’m down and thank you. I’ll take the four off the list if thats ok

Egg hatched. I’m ready to trade any time. You sure you don’t want any of the others?

Sorry i was doing dinner and chores. Ready whenever

Perfect. Connect to the internet. If you happen to have a spare totodile in your boxes to trade, it would be appreciated. If not, no big deal

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