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Guides This category is intended for use of creating guides for Pokemon Insurgence. Any post made in this category is an automatic wiki post and is editable by any user of trust level 2 or higher. Team Discussions This category is intended for team discussions in game. Suggestions This category is for any suggestions related to the game. Questions Ask your questions here!
Battle Frontier Records [General Discussion] (4)

I've always loved the Battle Frontier in Pokemon games for the competitive in-game environment it provides. I was super excited when I first heard about a Battle Frontier in Pokemon Insurgence. While what I have seen fro…

Guides Directory [General Discussion] (3)

Basic Guide to Online Features (Trades, Battles, Friend Safari): - by Sleepy Breed…

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So I noticed a few people were having an issue with the current macOS version of PI and while toying around with it I found out the wineskin wrapper was out of date. There are two other ways you can do this using either…

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