Screen Tearing(solved)

Has anyone found a reliable way to stop screen tearing? (For those that don’t know what screen tearing is, it’s when a game gets more FPS than your monitor’s refresh rate, causing a graphical glitch resembling a tear going side to side in your game window. Not to be confused with lag.)

BIG EDIT: Wow, I’m dumb. Ok, I figured out a solution for myself that seems to work near perfectly. For some reason every time I tried to alt+enter fullscreen the game, it kept shrinking to a small size in the center of my screen. At first I thought my monitor must only support 1920x1080, but I’m sure I’ve used smaller resolutions, so next I thought I was going crazy. Then I remembered a weird scaling option I saw in AMD’s Radeon Software… Sure enough, there’s an option called GPU Scaling, that runs full screen low resolution games in your desktop resolution, then sizes it based on aspect ratio, full panel, or centered. Mine was on centered, and that’s why it stayed centered and tiny. Switching it to aspect ratio or full panel, makes it much larger, while allowing vsync or whatever other sync you’re using, to get rid of tearing. Problem solved I think. I’ll leave this here in case it helps anyone else out.

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It’s not recommended that you play on fullscreen for reasons like you experienced.

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I put solved in the title for a reason

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I’m just elaborating on the issue.

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What do you mean? It’s not recommended that you play on fullscreen because of confusion created by different computer setups people have, such as the options in my driver? If that’s the case, while understandable, I also would like to point out that… playing in a window was “not an option” for me, which means if I followed that recommendation, I would be unable to play the game. The tearing was that bad - like 2 halves of my screen were being puzzled together at the wrong time randomly.

Using GPU Scaling, I can enable vsync while also keeping Pokemon Insurgence at it’s original window size, yet have it visibly be enlarged, which seems like a win win. Considering how many threads, both here and on the closed Reddit, went without someone suggesting a viable option for screen tearing… I have to recommend people try this.

The screen tearing.

If fullscreen is increasing screen tearing for some people, it’s only because vsync (or equivalent) isn’t being enabled. It’s likely fullscreen is also increasing people’s FPS, which without vsync, could create even more tearing too. Fullscreen is the only way as far as I know, to enable vsync though, in order to cap FPS to monitor refresh rate. Capping FPS is theoretically the only way to stop screen tearing completely. So it sounds like there’s a misconception. As long as vsync is enabled, fullscreen should only help with tearing, if that makes sense.