Long delay before battles/entering rooms

I played this game several years ago and just downloaded it onto my brand new macbook with the m1 chip. The problem I am experiencing is whenever I enter/exit a battle, enter a room/location, or even go into the settings menu - the game freezes for about 15 seconds.

I’ve tried adjusting every setting you can think of, ran the game with internet turned off and all other programs closed. Turbo speed doesn’t speed up the lag either :confused: This problem occurs on my old save file as well as the new save games I’ve created since the redownload, so it’s gotta be the game itself. I’m running it on an illegitimate wineskin port, following this guide:

I’ve looked into many other mac-specific problems, and I don’t think my issue has been addressed on this forum or any other (at least not that I can find). Also, a friend of mine used this same process on an older Macbook, and it’s running perfectly fine for him.

Can anyone help me reduce the lag when entering rooms?