How do Save files work?

I started playing on my current computer when i got it in 2021, so i don’t remember how i saved the game in the beginning or if there was anything to do about it, does anyone know if the first game is automatically saved in saved file 1 ?
If it’s not, how can i save it there? I’m not planning to start a new game now, but i may in the future.

I know it may sound like a stupid question, but english is not my first language and i’m a bit confused (and too scared to try click ‘new game’) :")

Thanks to anyone who’ll help.

If you still have the game downloaded and updated the files should be there. The first game starts in saved file 1. you can just click the new game button it should say something along do you want to delete the current file/ have a picture of your character if you do have a save in that specific fi;e

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