Can MissingNo be traded?

I recently finished my randomizer nuzlocke playthrough and was excited to shiny hunt so I grinded out all the pokemon and nearly finished my living dex. The last pokemon that I needed was MissingNo and I was depressed when I found out that I can’t get it in a Randomizer since the encounter is randomized, I was wondering if it is possible to trade MissingNo? I doubt someone else would want to give up their only copy but I could play through the game again and trade it to myself (through a middle man). Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I’m currently resetting trying to get MissingNo from the NO DATA area to see if it is completely unavailable in a randomizer, or is somehow location locked.

Randomisers disable Online, so you won’t even be able to trade for it.

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Didn’t even think about that, thanks for the reply. I hope there is a fix for this eventually, really sucks I cant get the shiny charm.