Analysed Episodes (In Order)

EP1: Armored D.Volcaronna (analysed ep.1)
EP2: Crystal Ruingross (Analysed ep.2)
EP3: Mega Ruingross (Analysed ep.3)
EP4: Mega Typhlosion (Analysed ep.4)
EP5: Mega Haxorus (Analysed ep.5)
EP6: Mega Feraligatr (Analysed ep.6)
EP7: Mega Delta Typhlosion (Analysed ep.7)
EP8: Delta Arcanine (Analysed ep.8)
EP9: Mega Crawdaunt (Analysed ep.9)
EP10: Keldeo (analysed ep.10)
EP11: Tyranitar (Analysed ep.11)
EP12: Mega Milotic (Analysed ep.12)
EP13: Spiritomb (Analysed ep.13)
EP14: Delta Aggron (Analysed ep. 14)


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