Spiritomb (Analysed ep.13)

« Come with us… We… will show you… THE AFTERLIFE! »

Hi guys, girls, broken soul jail and everything in-between! As for the forbidden number, we have a Ghost/Dark Pokémon. And right in the middle of October. That is so much of a coincidence don’t you think? Cynthia had one, so it must be good, right?

Be warned, since there is no competitive usage stats avaliable, I do not have any reliable ways to accurately predict the metagame. This analysis is theoretical and does not entirely reflect a Pokémon’s viability.

Typing, Stats, Ability & Movepool

Ability: Tough Claws (Pressure/Noctem(DW) pre-mega)
Hp: 50
Atk: 143 (92)
Def: 128 (108)
SpA: 133 (92)
Def: 112(108)
Spe: 20 (35)

Great typing in Fairy, good stats and most of all, the incredible Noctem ability makes it the premiere New Moon setter in the game. It’s nier Unical ability makes it mandatory on 90% of new moon team as they often prefer to use Shiftree or Delta Typhlosion as their Mega. Still, Mega D.Zard is a fine concurent

It’s movepool is limited, but acceptable. It lack recovery outside Leftovers and Pain Split, but still manageable. Offensively, it got Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Knock Off, Phantom Force and Shadow Claws as STAB as well as Pursuit. Stone Edge makes it not passive against Mandibuzz, Zen Headbutt is Nice against fighting types but that’s it. Even with Calm Mind and Nasty plot, it hits harder and have more utility on the physical side. For utility, it has Will-O-Wisp itself, whitch is very good against Bisharp and Tyranitar, the biggest enemies to New Moon team.

I don’t have that much feeling toward Mega Spiritomb. Shure, Mega Spiritomb is a very good Wallbreaker, but other Pokémon can do this job as well, Mega Spiritomb’s low speed makes it a Will-O-Wisp fodder and makes it very easy to Revenge Kill outside of Trick Room. I can compare it to Mega Mawile only when New Moon is up so its STABed New Moon + Tough Claws boosted Sucker Punch hits like a truck and a half. But when New Moon fades away… it can be very deceiving sometimes. It is just my opinion, I know for a fact that Mega Spiritomb is by no mean below OU.

Sets Suggestions

New Moon setter

Spiritomb @ Dark Rock / Leftovers
Ability: Noctem
EVs: 248 Hp / 8 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
-Knock Off
-Rest / Pain Split
-Sleep Talk / Shadow Sneak / Sucker Punch / Will-O-Wisp

Special defence investment is preferred to better take hits from Latios, Mega Alakasam and Gengar, the three Pokémon Spiritomb would be the most incline to Pursuit Trap. Rest Talk allow recovery to Spiritomb while also giving it a pseudo resistance to Toxic and Burns. For more but less consistent recovery, Pain Split is viable with either Will-O-Wisp or Shadow Sneak/Sucker Punch depending on the player’s preference. Sucker Punch and Pursuit allow to do mind games and Sucker God 50/50.

Mega Wallbreaker

Spiritomb @ Spiritombite
Ability: Noctem
EVs: 248 Hp / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
IVs: 0 Spe
Brave Nature
-Shadow Sneak/Sucker Punch
-Knock Off
-Stone Edge
-Pain Split/Zen Headbutt/Phantom Force

This set is designed for Trick Room teams. The priority move is up to the players preference. Knock Off is Spiritomb’s strongest attack, but is unreliable against Mega Pokémon. In that case, Sucker Punch or Phantom Force is prefered. Keep in mind that Phantom Force becomes unreliable after New Moon.

Other Options

Nasty Plot and special attacks can be used on the Mega set, but require a Trick Room setter holding a Trick Rock, which is risky. Otherwise, turns are too limited. Pursuit can be dropped from the weather setter set for Will-O-Wisp since teammates often carry this move.

Good teammates


  • Tyranitar always love ghosts and can prevent New Moon from running out st the worst time possible.
  • Bisharp is almost ban worthy under new moon and love fighting immunity. In exchange, Bisharp remove Fairy from the picture.
  • Mega Scizor is amoung the only reliable checks to Mega Metagross and is very good at removing fairy types.
  • New Moon abusers like Mega Delta Typhlosion and Mega Shiftree makes for mandatory teammates to Spiritomb.
  • Suicune become f*king annoying with a boosted pressure.
  • Although it looks strange at first glance, Delta Serperior can be used on a Dual Weather team. They both allow Keldeo and Mega Delta Typhlosion while also appreciating Ferrothorn. However, this is a very specific team but worth mentioning.
  • Keldeo is a wonderful teammate because Spiritomb get rid of psychic types, pivot on then and power up Surf. Keldeo remove Trap Heatran. Plus, Keldeo Check the two most dangerous enemies to New Moon in Bisharp and Tyranitar. Spiritomb is also good against the niche Toxicroak that could be used against Keldeo.

Mega Spiritomb

  • Trick Room setter are mendatory. Cresselia, Uxie and Porygon2 are notable ones.
  • Trick Room teams like having a fast Pokémon in case. Choice Scarf Victini with Final Gambit can assure the removal of a problematic Pokémon, or at least seveay weakening it.
  • Marowak and Snorlax are two dangerous threats under Trick Room and form a good care with Spiritomb. Snorlax in particular.

Checks and counters

  • Weather removal is detrimental to Spiritomb as it is it’s main selling point.
  • **Subsitute prevent Pain Split recovery and Sucker Punch from revenge killing.
  • Physical Wallbreakers hit Spiritomb on a side he does not invest much and on Types it does not resists. Mega Spidergross, Swords Dance Landorus-T and Tyranitar amoung other.
  • Bisharp use New Moon itself and be one the biggest problem to New Moon teams.
  • Fairy Types are the biggest problem for Spiritomb. They hit its only weakness while also resisting Dark, the type it would mostly spam. Clefable and Axumarill amoung other, but…
  • Mega Diance is the most annoying of the bunch because it takes low damage from Knock Off and bounce back Will-O-Wisp.


As it is the best setter of the best weather in the game, not hard to see where it is. Top Tier OU.

  • Delta Serperior
  • Delta Aggron
  • Mega Delta Venusaur
  • Mega Metagross
  • Latios
  • Other

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