Public sprites?

I know it’s a bit daring to ask, but before I used it or anyone else has the same question, are the mega evolution sprites created and posted here, is a public and freely accessible for non-commercial purposes? logically giving due credit …

Sorry for my english, i’m Brazilian, and i try make a pokémon game (ALONE)

Using the mega sprites in Insurgence is not allowed without express permission from the artist that made them.

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Wait, can’t you create your own sprites with Pokemon essentials?

the mega evolutions that I try to create are “lifeless”, I’m good at handling tileset or screens, animations, but with sprites I don’t get along.

I just did one mega that I liked, of several attempts. if you have any tips / tutorials i would be very grateful.

I have personally never had experience but i will give you tips if i get any. And if this thread gets closed, just use my discord. Username is FireFiber733339

I don’t have access to the computer at the moment, and on my discord phone it doesn’t work, my phone is very bad and my English is too. thanks there for your attention

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Np, I also used to have bad english but it improved eventually. Hope you have luck with the game.
Also, after you finish it, can you let me play? I love trying out pokemon fangames!!

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yes yes, i will be happy, i just need to decide if i will leave it in english or in brazilian portuguese, as soon as i make the fourth gym i intend to create a beta, i am in the third already (after years)

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I do not care about the language. I always mash a so that I can get past the script. Thanks though for letting me play!

This was a thread that I found that might help you.

Credits go to 1ron3illager52 and ServantOfTheKing.

Delta Gardevoir - Alternate & Original Combined Primal Giratina

He made these as well!!

Hey there, Yuraneshe!

You’re more than welcome to look at the pages that Firefiber suggested for tips, but since I based all my sprites on other peoples’ pictures or sprites, I just wanted to warn you against using those exact sprites in your fangames. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with the original creators. I do hope that the way I make or modify the sprites can be helpful to you, though!

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Also, are you going to have fakemon or just normal pokemon? If you are using normal pokemon, I suggest adding regional varients. It is just my opinion.

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I’m using the normal ones, including the ones from Galar, some that already have all the sprites.

they are training to work with sprites creating regional forms, but I still have a lot to improve.

Gaetan Ariados (I haven’t hit the color palette yet)
Bug // Sound

That looks amazing. Is sound a new type?

Are you using the pages from servant?

Hey. Also if you’re doing galar pokemon, might as well make pokemon appear in the overworld.