Mega Delta Charizard - Sprite Set Mod

Hi everyone!

When I first started the game and saw poor Delta Charmander, I was kind of put off by it and got ready to choose the cool-looking Delta Squirtle. Then I remembered what the characters in the game said about how the deltas were freaks and wanted by nobody, and I started to feel sorry for the little skeleton lizard. I decided to choose him and name him Davion (which means “Beloved”), and he’s been my buddy and ghost tank ever since. :slight_smile:

Still, I felt sorry that his Mega Evolution just made him into even more of an unearthly monster (even though it was still awesome), and I thought it would be great for him to have a Mega form that gave him what he never had: flesh and blood. That’s how Servant’s Mega Delta Charizard was born!

Front Sprite

Back Sprite

Walking Sprites
(not very useful, since he goes “un-Mega” out of battle, but hey, if you want to replace his normal form with this one, there ya go)

(it even changes a little as it bobs up and down in your Pokemon list!)

If you’d like to know how it was made, I started by finding this Mega Charizard X sprite (by Google search) and its backsprite, then recolored it with and its pencil tool. I used the color picker tool to grab colors from the original Mega Delta Charizard sprite, then used the paint bucket and pencil to slowly fill in all the colors.

I just copied the entire ghostly wing over from the original because whoever designed that thing has some mad spritin’ talents! The armored belly and the hole with the ghost power inside of it were just done with pencil and a small gradient to get the glowing purple effect. It was a lot of fun, and definitely something I should have waited to do until after my final essays for college. XD

At any rate, I hope you enjoy it, and have a good day!
Servant of the King

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Just in case you’d like detached wings like the original mega had:

Front Sprite
SOTK Mega Delta Charizard - Hole 2

Back Sprite
Backsprite for D Char 2


Do you have shiny sprites? I’m trying to import it into my game, but I realized that there were no shiny sprites.

Oh man, I’m sorry! I never saw your response. I just made some shiny sprites, and here they are:

Front Sprite

Back Sprite

Pokemon Select Sprites

I’m sure sorry once again for the long delay.


No problem! These look amazing! Perfect timing, too, as I just finally hatched a shiny Delta Charmander. Thanks, by the way.

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the back sprite for delta mega charizard is a little small, can you please fix this, i have tried doing it myself but it wont change its size for some reason :confused: image

Hi there! Surprisingly, it is actually the same size as the sprite for the original Mega Charizard X upon which this mod is based:

Mega X Orig 732b_1

The only difference (which I didn’t notice until now) was that that the bottom part of the sprite was chopped off. I’m afraid I’m not skilled enough in spriting to make a whole new sprite, but I can at least try to restore the legs. Would that help?

By the way, I adjusted the eye of the back sprite to be a little more similar to the eye of the Mega Charizard X. You can decide which you prefer. Thanks for your comment!

There we go. Is this any better?

Mega Delta Charizard Larger Backsprite

Same Thing, But Shiny

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sadly nothing really changed but thanks for trying to help at least

I have a suggestion but i dont know if it will work… try to make the modded mega delta charizard the same size as the original mega delta charizard. like height and width of the frame. if you know what i mean. sorry for my bad english btw

Well, it is exactly the same size as the original mega Charizard, so I’m not sure what else could be wrong. It could be that the original Mega Delta Charizard sprite was just unusually large to begin with. I’m sure sorry it doesn’t appear big enough.

Can I add this to my personal game please


i think thats y he shared it and pls dont necro old threads.