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Primal Giratina

Hi everyone,i dont know if it possibile but i’d like to have this primal Giratina’s sprite in-game (need a backsprite too)
Is there someone who could make it?


Hey Ubah,

I ran the image through a program called Pixelator, then spent a couple hours doing the best I could to edit the image and make it more like the original. I’m not sure how it stands up to the rest of the sprites, quality-wise, and I’m still working on a backsprite [EDIT: Backsprite is posted below!], but I do have a front-sprite for you!


I know it’s not the greatest quality, but I hope it’s helpful!



Here’s my attempt at a backsprite:


Hope you enjoy it!



Wow that looks amazing

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Man,it s really,really cool! Thanks,great work :smile: i love it! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks, I’m so glad you like it! There’s one last thing you’ll need…


Stick this in your Icons folder to replace whichever version of Giratina you’re overwriting with these sprites, and you’re good to go! God bless ya!

– Nathan

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Oh hey, here’s a backsprite that fits a little better in battle:

If it reads as “448b” when you download it, just ignore that and change it to whichever file name you’re replacing. 448 is Lucario, and I was using him to test the sprites. :slight_smile:

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Thanks,i really like it! You made me happy,i really appreciate. :heart:

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Hi, ServantOfTheKing! I’m trying to do more sprites using Pixelator, but no one of them is good as that Primal Giratina. Can you show me wich options have you selected to do that sprite? Thanks! Sorry for my english :wink:

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Hey wewillrockyou!

Your English is very good! Unfortunately, I only used Pixelator as the first step, and the sprite looked pretty rough at first. The rest of the process involved using a program called and a lot of detailed work. I’ll send you a message about how I did it!

Servant of the King

Wait a sec, I’ve seen this Giratina before in a fan music YouTube vid