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Primal girantina custom sprite request

Can I also recommend this article to him?

Also, Isn’t rpg maker and pokemon essentials paid? How are you making the game? I would also like to make a game so I would appreciate tips. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Hi there, Firefiber!

That’s a high compliment, thanks! You’re most welcome to link the article to him if you’d like. I’m just a self-taught spriter who works off of existing pictures and don’t have any experience making games, but I hope that what little I’ve learned from tinkering around might be helpful. Feel free to refer your friend to some of the other posts I’ve worked on too, since I’ve talked here and there about making sprites:

Perfect Kyurem
Alternate Mega Delta Charizard
Alternate Delta Gardevoir
Alternate Primal Giratina

Thanks again!

Thanks a lot. If you can, can you refer to him personally??