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[Patch] Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.3




Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.3 Merging Patch - (no explicit folder instructions, designed for folder merging. Use the core links unless you know what that means, i ain’t helpin you. You also need 1.2.0 or 1.2.1 to do this first) - Torrent Version

Cores: Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.3 Windows (Core); Mirror; Torrent - probably fastest

Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.3 Mac (Core); <- torrent option still being created. if anyone can create and tweet at me that would be awesome, thanks!

Changelog (these are changes since 1.2.2)

  • This patch now uses a different version # on the trading server, so you will need to use this to trade or battle.

  • Fixed some quartz flute issues

  • Fixed Giratina encounter crashing on randomizers

  • Fixed Red Orb and Blue Orb being key items, cant equip

  • Fixed Yveltal crash

  • Fixed an issue with Giratina’s new forme

  • Fixed Challenge Championship sprite issues and crashes, as well as earning exp

  • Added “Pikapad”

  • Fixed an issue where Kepler Town in the rain links to a pokemon center, as well as freed anyone who got stuck because of this error.

  • Fixed bugs with dev island

  • Fixed some errors with the witchdoctor .- Fixed wormhole over second region going to wrong location

  • Fixed some issues with pokepon

  • Fixed a potential smashing rocks crash

  • Fixed going wrong way in darkrai postgame

  • Fixed ability to leave Zygarde cutscene

  • Fixed Mega froslass not being fire/ghost

  • Fixed traded pokemon being super glitchy

  • Fixed Dusk Balls not adjusting catch rate properly

  • Buffed “Unleafed” ability

  • Fixed inability to equip backpacks

  • fixed some sprite issues

  • fixed a potential hang in a few postgame event s

  • Fixed Omnitype not actually having the correct resistances

  • Fixed an issue with D.D. and breeding

  • Got rid of rescues containing whole game which stopped easy exiting

  • Fixed stairs to genesect event being broken

  • Added Blaze Boost to a certain delta

  • Fixed some debug text in the garden

  • Fixed a certain move tutor

  • Fixed losing trainer school tournament teleports you to wrong place

  • Fixed trainer tournament EXP isssues

  • Fixed a bug or two where followers got removed

  • Fixed potential regice cutscene hang

  • Fixed Regigigas forme issues after capture

  • Fixed reshiram/zekrom being unattainable

  • Fixed Azelf not appearing properly

  • Fixed roamers appearing over static encounters

  • Added surskit in the wild

  • Fixed issue with Jirachi event

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