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No Online for me, whelp


I recently started pokemon insurgence after seeing its new update, I got the 1.2 version and have played almost till the elite four. Yesterday, I tried to access the online content, but turned out the game was outdated, so I patched my game to 1.2.2. But now I’m trying to access online again, but it still says my versions i outdated… Did I do something wrong? Do we need to change the file name or something…? Help!


The latest patch is 1.2.3.


Oh, the main page here said 1.2.2 So i thought… Anyways thanks for your help! If you don;t mind can you link me to the patch pls? tysm again!





Wait one thing, ik how to patch but I had a doubt, do I need to change the file’s name from Pokemon Insurgence 1.2 into Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.3?


Nah, I only change name on the file to remember which patch I’m on. It doesn’t change anything.