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Can't Battle Against Suzerain (lv 120 team)


I’ve completed most of the postgame and i’m at Dev island , and i’ve defeated the 8 devs there but the door to the building stays locked even though it says 8/8 illuminated , but the 1st 8 is red, how do I get the building door open?, in the graphics folder where the characters are, there is a almost robot like dev that I haven’t seen on the island , possibly I need to find and defeat him before the door opens and I can battle Suzerain again.


I’m pretty sure there are 9 devs you have to beat before you get into tower.


I can only find 8 devs on the island Im pretty sure I patched it to 1.2.2 if that’s the problem


but im not sure I see the robot dev when I start up insurgence I just cant find him on the island


I battled them on 1.2.3 and there where 9 of them. Maybe that is issue with 1.2.2 patch


I haven’t got 1.2.3 its not on the wiki - downloads, how do I get 1.2.3?



Thank u so much!!! the dev has appeared, I gotta keep up with the patches :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!