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δPokemon Update: Pre-evolutions and such

Let’s get right into the swing o’ things fast. No long intro. Pre-evolution post, go!

δDoduo, a Dark/Fairy type to go with the δDodrio seen here. Alongside that, δJoltik, with δGalvantula being in the same post as the Dodrio. Also pure Water type.
DeltaDoduo DrkFryDeltaJoltik
δNincada, a pre-evolution to δShedinja, first seen here, pure Steel type. Then δPurrloin to go with the δPurrloin seen here. Also Fire/Electric.
DeltaNinca StlDeltaPurr FirEtc
δShelmet, which evolves into the δAccelgor seen here. Pure Electric type. And Ice type δSkiddo, δGogoat being in the same post as the Accelgor.
DeltaShelm EtcDeltaSkiddo Ice
δTotodile, Ghost type, to go with the δCroconaw seen in this post. And then δPrinplup to go with the δEmpoleon first seen in this one-off post.
DeltaToto GstDeltaPrin Fry

That’s all for now, and as always, keep it classy y’all. Boro Out!


Oh My gosh U rickrolled me lol XD

Nice try to rickroll lmfaooooo

As always, poggers art