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δGulpin Line (and also things that are not that)

Aight, so someone on the discord said to make a Poison/Fairy type. Bing bong, what’s possibly poisonous and from fairy tales? Ye Olde Draught of Magicke. Also known as a Potion. So here’s δGulpin (don’t laugh) and δSwalot (I said don’t laugh).
DeltaGulpin PsnFryDeltaSwal PsnFry
Shinies :)

Oh and here’re some other things I’ve made
DeltaCroco GstDeltaSolosis WtrDeltaLiepard EtcFir
Skeletons are tough, but fun to do. Unfortunately, I have little to no idea how they work, so that skeleton is largely based on a Gogle search of the word “Skeleton”. The water Solosis is neat, fluid is always fun. And then fast kitty.

That’ll do for now I think. If you have any questions about the process, I’ve recently taken up streaming in the discord, and I do it fairly often. Boro Out!


Looks lit! Great work again!

how did you made these,i want to do them just for fun,how i mean what app or whatever did you use,i can(probally) learn the process alone

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I’ve popped in to say hi and good job again, although you’ve already seen me on the discord probably

I use gimp personally, though the program itself doesn’t much matter, as many people use aseprite, piskel, or and do good work. My process is

  1. Coming up with an idea
  2. Figuring out what pokemon I can apply that concept to
  3. Drawing a basic outline of my idea on top of the existing sprite
  4. Doing the rest
  5. Polish

This works out pretty well, usually. As with any art, don’t be afraid to press the Undo button as much as you like.

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I’m afraid I have no idea who you are, but thanks for the feedback!


Ok master that was helpful

smh name doesn’t seem familiar at all?

Thanks,i have,i gonna try it

Haven’t the faintest clue

smh wow boro

why would anybody laugh at these, they all look great

aw the swalots angy
nice deltas

Hngggg… Soup