Delta Dump 3: The Revengening

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any deltas on the forum itself, so I figured I may as well. If anything, this’ll serve as a decent backup if my computer kicks the bucket.

Doin’ this Alphabetically, so here’s δAbsol, an Ice/Dark type. Started off pure Ice type, but then once it was done, it was a bit too Roguelike to not have the Dark typing as well.
DeltaAbsol IceDrk
Next, δAccelgor, an Electric type. Honestly, I just like the concept behind the move Electro Ball, and Accelgor is a fast mon with a decent SpAtk stat.
DeltaAccel Etc
And then there’s δAlomamola. It’s LEGOs. That’s about all I have to say about it. I guess pure Fairy? I don’t really come up with types as I’m spriting, just concepts.
DeltaAlom Fry
Next is a two-for-one, δMareep and δAmpharos. You may notice that Flaaffy is missing, and that is because it is wanted for crimes against humanity in Ecuador. But uh, yeah, Rock types.
DeltaMareep RckDeltaAmp Rck
Then there’s δArchen and δArcheops, both Rock/Fire types. Admittedly, they’re a bit… well they’re a lot different from Archen and Archeops. Very slightly completely unrecognizable.
DeltaArchen RckFirDeltaArch RckFir
δSpinarak? More like δSpinarock! Ah, that was awful… oh and also δAriados is there. As a side note, going through all these Deltas made me realize, a lot of ‘em are rock types. Weird.
DeltaSpina RckDeltaAria Rck
Almost outta the As now, only δAzumarill left. Fighting type, if you couldn’t tell by the silly boxing glove tail. Didn’t do Marill and Azu, because… uh… reasons? Laziness? Lack of motivation? No good ideas? One of those.
DeltaAzu Fgt
δBarboach is a sleepy little dude. Psychic/Flying I guess? δWhiscash is a sleepy large dude. Man, those pillow cloud things look comfy.
DeltaBarb PsyFlyDeltaWhiscash PsyFly
Next we’ve got δBasculin. Er, δBasculins? Both Dragon/Ghost (for that sick super-effective against itself LORE), but also cuz it’s a cool type combination.
DeltaBasc GstDrg
And now, more Dragons, with δCaterpie, δMetapod, and δButterfree.
DeltaCaterMeta DrgDeltaButt Drg
δCacnea. The less I have say about it, the less I have to look at its creepy face. Ghost/Fairy.
DeltaCacnea GstFry
This next one is my Magnum Opus de Comedica. I dunno if that’s an actual thing, but I just love this sprite too much to not make things up. δCarnivine. Flying type. Again, similar issue to Archeops, but I think if you’re familiar with Carnivine enough, you’ll recognize it.
DeltaCarnivine Fly
δChinchou was an earlier design o’ mine, and you can tell it is by the way that it’s a Grass type. Grass types… they’re just so easy to do. Right up there with Rock, Ice, Fire, and Flying.
DeltaChin Grs
Speaking of early designs, δClamperl, δGorebyss, and δHuntail. Grass types, though I wouldn’t be surprised if you interpreted 'em as Ghosts too. Pumpkins, man, they’re spooky. And it was only AFTER I finished spriting ‘em that I remembered the official δClamperl exists and looks VERY similar to mine. So points off for plagiarism.
DeltaClamperl GrsDeltaGorebyss GrsDeltaHuntail Grs
lol CONK. Water/Steel? Dunno.
DeltaConk WtrStl
δWhimsicott has a surprising number of Biblical Allusions, pretty much all of which conflict with each other. It also works because Prankster Whimsicott is A DEMON FROM THE PITS OF HELL AND I HATE IT.
DeltaCotton FirGst
Anyway, ignoring that, here’s another little sleepy dude, δCubchoo. Must’ve been something in the water I was drinking, since this one also has a little pillow cloud. Eh, at least I’m only plagiarising myself this time.
DeltaCub PsyFly
Next is a kinda old one, δDelibird. Dark type, obviously. And honestly, I’m super proud of that hat. It looks like an actual hat. The rest of it’s whatever, but that hat? 10/10.
DeltaDeli Drk
δDodrio is pretty neato. Dark/Fairy. Moon themed. Full to Half-Full to New.
DeltaDodrio DrkFry
δSeedot has a little snowman on its head. Also no evolutions because it’s lonely.
DeltaDot Ice
Speaking of Ice types, δDragalge. It took forever to do, and I’m still not entirely satisfied with it, but w/e, I needed to move on.
DeltaDrag Ice
δDruddigon exists because I wanted to make a Ground type. And then I made a Rock type, so…
Anyway, pay special attention to its chest cavity, as that was a pain to sprite, and it’s really cool looking.
DeltaDrudd Gnd
Now, δExeggcutor is really cool looking, and also makes me think about the fact that Cursola isn’t a gen 7 mon, which is something I forget often.
DeltaEgg Wtr
Then, the Stylish Dogs, δFurfrou. Each based on a different type of cloud.
DeltaFurfBase Fly
Regular - Pure Flying, Ash Cloud - Fire/Flying, Fog Cloud - Ghost/Flying, Rain Cloud - Water/Flying, Sand Cloud - Ground/Flying, Thunder Cloud - Electric/Flying, and finally TornadoCloud… Admittedly, the last one ain’t really a cloud, but I also don’t really have a type for it either. Dragon? Twister is a Dragon type move.
DeltaFurfAsh FirFlyDeltaFurfFog GstFlyDeltaFurfRain WtrFlyDeltaFurfSand GndFlyDeltaFurfThunder EtcFlyDeltaFurfTornado DgnFly
Wow, that’s a lot of Deltas. More than I realized if I’m honest. Regardless, we’re about halfway through now, have a treat. A sweet treat. A syrupy treat. A syrupy sentient ferret treat. Yep, it’s δFurret, a Water/Fairy type, because… honestly no idea what other type combo to make it. Syrup falls under a couple type categories.
DeltaFurr WtrFly
Next, a δGalvantula, because someone on the discord said to make a δGalvantula so I stared at Galvantula until my brain died and then I had an epiphany and made a different δGalvantula and then that one sucked so I tried again with a different concept and got THIS δGalvantula. Water type. ALSO, did you know? Galvantula only has 6 legs, making it not a spider. Wacky, huh?
DeltaGalv Wtr
Next is δShellos and δGastrodon. Both Rock/Dragon, and based on the Sun and Moon Stones (Guess how they’d hypothetically evolve and you win a prize (this is a joke, I owe you nothing)). And a fun little tidbit about them is that Moon Shellos is just flipped horizontally, and you can tell because the moon on its chest is backwards.
DeltaShellos RckDgnDeltaGastrodons RckDgn
This one was made pretty close to δCarnivine and δFurfrou. Must’ve been on a tornado kick. Anyway, Flying type δGlameow. Tornados are fun to sprite though.
DeltaGlameow Fly
δGliscor? More like δGhostsco- wait didn’t I make a joke like this already? Anyway, yeah, Ghost type Gliscor.
DeltaGliscor Gst
This is δGogoat. Ice type. Came up with this one while watching a youtube documentary about mountain goats.
DeltaGoat Ice
The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie is pretty good.
Okay so I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, right? And there’s this card called Number 9: Dyson Sphere (Ignore the “Number” part, it’s a whole thing). And the concept of a Dyson Sphere sounded super interesting. And then I was like, Yeah I could use that. And so I did.
δHoppip, δSkiploom, and δJumpluff. Likely the biggest pokemon ever, if they’re accurately sized to what they’re based on. Steel, Steel, and Steel/Fire.
DeltaHop StlDeltaSkip StlDeltaJump FirStl
Hollow Knight is a pretty good game. Also, Compound Eyes Rollout sounds like a funny interaction.
DeltaLicky Bug
δLumineon, because I like this pokemon, and it’s unfair that it’s as forgotten as it is. Dark/Flying I guess? It’s a vampire, if that wasn’t obvious.
DeltaLumi DrkFly
So, I made this δMamoswine back in like May or June or something. And then, later, as I was revisiting the old Holon Dex, it turns out someone else made something very similar to this, so again, minus points for plagiarism, however accidental it may be. Regardless, I like mine better. It’s YELLOW.
DeltaMamo EtcStl
I made this δMightyena around the start of when I was beginning to get back into spriting. You can tell that by the way that it’s mostly just a recolour.
DeltaMightyena Fir
Skipping the Mr. Mime… δPikachu! It’s water type, and the scuba mask is non-negotiable. Kinda bad, but it was also randomly generated from a website, so I didn’t have a whole lotta stakes in it.
DeltaPika Wtr
Did you know Qwilfish doesn’t have fins? I didn’t. Anyway, it looked weird to me, so I gave it fins. Grass type δQwilish.
DeltaQwil Grs
Ice/Fire δVenipede, δWhirlipede, and δScolipede. These were also fairly early when I got back into the hobby, but spriting ice is always a joy. The translucency is fun. Huh, maybe that’s why I do so many Gem-based Rock types. For some reason Venipede’s fire is a bit muted, but I’m going to go ahead and blame the Russians for it.
DeltaVenipede IceFirDeltaWhirlipede IceFir
DeltaScolipede IceFir
The same night as my δBasculins I also made this, so honestly that night sticks out for me as a great one for spriting. δShedinja is a Steel/Fire type with Sturdy. Admittedly, that’s kinda strong, as its typing makes it immune to Sandstorm, Poison, and Burn, but I ain’t paid to balance these things. Heck, I ain’t paid at all, I do this as a hobby.
DeltaShed StlFir
δSkarmory. Ghost type. Skeletons are usually pretty fun to sprite (see δBasculin), but this Skarmory is kinda meh to me.
DeltaSkar Gst
δSlowpoke, δSlowbro, and δSlowking are bears. Slowpoke’s pure Dark I figure, with the other 2 being Dark/Bug. And then there’s the mega. I felt I had to make a mega since regular Slowbro has one. But then I flipped it upside down, did a bunch of custom spritework, and honestly, I’m still not satisfied with it. But there’s no sense in agonizing over it, so there you go, a Mega δSlowbro. Or maybe Mega δSlowking makes more sense? I dunno, I’m not paid to think.
DeltaSlowp DrkDeltaSlowbDeltaSlowkDeltaSlowbMega
lol what a nerd. writing books. flying type δSneasel
Rock type δSnover. Made this one cuz I was looking at a list of abilities and realized Flare Boost is a cool ability that’s only on one line, Drifloon (it ain’t even on δDrifloom/Drifblim). Might revisit this concept later for δAbomasnow and maybe even a mega.
DeltaSnowv Rck
This Poison/Dragon δStoutland came to me while I was staring at a Stoutland on google images. Don’t ask why I was staring at Stoutland on google images, it’ll just prompt more questions. Anyway, after I’d finished this and posted it in the discord, someone pointed out how this was basically just Rampardos’ colour scheme, with purple. Half a point off for half-plagiarism.
DeltaStout PsnDgn
I was staring at my Deltas one day, when I realized I hadn’t made any Normal type Deltas. So I threw this δSwadloon together in like 10 minutes, and it’s surprisingly solid. Not only spritework, but conceptually it even works, since regular Swadloon has those little bunny ear things.
DeltaSwad Nml
Electricity is fun to sprite. Here’s an Electric/Dragon δWoobat and δSwoobat design. This one came out of my head pretty easily, honestly.
DeltaWoob EtcDgnDeltaSwoob EtcDgn
Similar situation to the Swadloon, realized I hadn’t made a Fighting type Delta. So I made δTangrowth. Since 1 Black Belt is impressive, what about someone with 300? And then a couple months later, when I was bored, I decided to make δTangela to go with it. It’s only got the 1 Black Belt, but to make up for it, it’s got like 30 Focus Sashes on it
DeltaTangela FgtDeltaTang Fgt
This one came to me in a prophetic midday vision. δTauros, everyone. Dark/Poison? I dunno, all I know is that it kinda freaks me out.
DeltaTaur PsnDrk
Couldn’t very well just NOT make a Delta version of my favourite pokemon, so here’s δTropius. Ground type. Though, if I gotta be honest, I still prefer regular Tropius. There’s a reason it’s my favourite.
DeltaTrop Gnd
And finally, my favourite Deltas that I’ve ever made. δHippopotas and δHippowdon. Pure poison types, and Hippopotas was made a lot later after Hippowdon.
DeltaHippopatos PsnDeltaHippowdon Psn
Anyway, that’s all for now, I’ll be back for another Delta Dump in like, 2 years or something at this rate. Who knows. Boro Out!


These designs are amazing.


God bless you.

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Dude…what the hell? You show up 4 years later, drop this big of a bomb on us, and leave? Like, this is some of the best work I’ve seen in my life! If these were in a game, I’d not even know what to go with cause all of em have instantly become my favorites!! You can’t just leave, come back in who knows when, and put out 30 more sprites…this place is dying, and we’ll need people like you to keep it alive. Please stay…


Dang, those sprites are amazing! Seriously, how are you so good? I’m a spriter myself, and I can’t come anywhere close to that!
Also, like this updated Delta Absol the most out of all of them so far. Keep up the good work!


Oh my god This is amazing I wish I could sprite like u jeez this is amazing

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Please make more!!!