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[Patch] Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5

I know that some of you don’t want to read anything and just jump into the download, but before doing so please keep in mind the following:

  1. Though this is labeled as a patch, much more was changed here than you would expect from a patch but not quite enough to be labeled as a complete update.
  2. Given the above, there is no merging patch available for this patch; you will need to download the new core. I highly advise using the new core folder when running the game, as some files were renamed/changed/added in order to address a few bugs. Your saves are unaffected by any of this.
  3. There should be no reason to downgrade from this patch to an older version and doing so may have negative effects on your saves. Users on older versions of the game will also not be able to trade to users on 1.2.5.
  4. If you are playing from a save created before 1.2.5 then I recommend saving in a Pokemon Center on a previous version before reopening your save on 1.2.5 due to some map changes. There is no teleportation script this time when loading up the game in order to prevent complications in the middle of events.
  5. The NPC who rewards you with the special Gardevoir at the Pokemon League has been reset both to address a bug with him as well as to compensate those of you who experienced bugs with said Gardevoir. You do not need to complete his challenge again to collect his reward. All Gardevoir obtained from him previously can only be traded once before causing complications during trading, therefore I recommend not trading them at all.
  6. If you find yourself unable to ascend a waterfall, don’t panic and try interacting with a different part of the waterfall. There is a bug which is causing your inputs to get eaten sometimes that is still being investigated.

Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Windows (Core); Mirror

For Mac users:

Click to Expand

This game is only playable on MacOS versions before 10.15 (Catalina), due to Mac dropping support for 32-bit games. Regretfully there is nothing that can be done about this.

To install:

  1. Open Terminal and run curl -S “” | bash` On average it should take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your internet connection.
  2. Run the game at ~/pkmn_insurg/ with Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command It is important to note that the run file can have a shortcut on the desktop or dock, but moving the run file itself will cause it to no longer run.

NOTE: Mac users can patch a 1.2.3 Insurgence game to 1.2.5 using the files contained in the Windows download, in case some users find the script isn’t working, but it’s often difficult to ensure the folders are merged correctly, and the script is a much safer way to get the newest version.

If you have any questions or problems when downloading/installing, I recommend hopping on the Discord server (linked at the very top of the page) and consulting the #help-and-questions channel. The people who assist you there are more likely to be able to help you than I am (with this stuff at least).

Now for the changelog… There’s a lot that I want to go over here and there’s a lot that is going to be listed for you to read over at your own leisure. The original changelog spanned over 40 pages on Google Drive which I doubt will fit in a forum post even after being trimmed a bit, therefore these have been split up and given better presentation below.

Big changes and additions on this patch include:

  • Major overworld graphics overhauls courtesy of EchoTheThird.
  • The hunt for the Zygarde Cells begins! A new event to capture Zygarde has also been added (if you caught Zygarde before this patch then you’ll effectively get two Zygardes). To begin this quest if you’ve beaten the game already:

Revisit the Dragon Ruins to find Gail, then use the information she gives you to think about where you can catch a new Zygarde.

  • Due to save corruption issues occurring for many, many, many users, Autosave and the script which saves your game when the game stops responding have been disabled. Remember to use Quick Save often, and in the event that your character becomes stuck in an event, don’t carelessly spam the Quick Save key.

  • The Book of Leaves is now available from a place that has lots of books

  • All Mega Stones are now available. No Mega Stones are locked behind Battle Frontier rewards.

  • Any Pokemon which were unattainable before are now obtainable.

  • All Pokken Pokemon (Red Gardevoir, Shadow Mewtwo, etc.) are usable by the player and do not revert to their normal forms at all. The guy at the Pokemon League has been reset for those of you that had issues with your Red Gardevoirs before. You might notice something new with them in battle as well…

  • It is now possible for you to use Crystal Delta Metagross. If Taen never showed off Crystal Delta Metagross before…he does now.

  • Randomizers have been upgraded to include randomized gift Pokemon (including eggs not obtained at the Daycare) and randomized items.

  • The battle AI has been massively overhauled. It is still far from perfect but is much, much closer to the difficulty that we are looking to achieve.

  • All Deltas have been moved out of the Game Corner and have been given their own unique events in the overworld.

  • Secret Base uploading and other online features have been fixed. This does not include the GTS and Battling, which have both regrettably been removed.

  • There should no longer be any issues with breeding, especially Delta breeding.

  • The Battle Frontier has been entirely fixed aside from Battle Factory double battles and the Battle Pyramid, both of which you should no longer be able to access at all.

  • Numerous Quality of Life upgrades both in the overworld, menus, and in battle.

    • This includes bag sorting (F5 key by default). You’ll need to sort the main bag slot once to be able to use your old Mega Stones.
  • One additional reward is now available for completing the Pokedex. If you’ve already gotten your rewards for completing the Pokedex, talk to Professor Sylvan again.

  • It is now possible to apply the Masuda Method to eggs. For this, you will need to confirm that the language on your computer is the region that you are interested in using for the Masuda Method. You can see what region numbers are available as choices here. For this, selecting the country also may make a difference. For instance, selecting English (US) would yield 1, while selecting English (India) would yield 9.

This patch does not address the following:

  • The Battle Pyramid: There is simply too much wrong with this to the point where it needs to be redone from the ground up. I have no idea how much time to expect for this to take but I do know it’s going to be really cool when it’s done.
  • Fixing the GTS/online battling: I lack the ability to fix either of these and there is far too much that was unimplemented with both of these for it to be feasible to fix them within a timely manner. It is uncertain if either of these will ever be fixed. The Battle Sim is still being worked on by others.
  • Most Egg Challenge issues: After painstakingly fixing a few bugs with the Egg Generator I realized that most of the code for this is far too chaotic for me to make any reasonable headway. Therefore most if not all of this will be redone and made more efficient during the next update.
  • Fixing the “Acuity mode” setting: I dislike failing to include an option for any individuals with low vision who are interested in playing this game but there is just too much that needs to be done here that goes far beyond just changing fonts and font colors for this to be possible at this point in time. This is still near the top of my priority list.
  • Mac audio issues: I do not possess a Mac and therefore debugging these issues is near impossible to do alone. I will be experimenting with various scripts in the next update which should hopefully resolve all remaining issues with audio.

Changelog (these are changes since 1.2.4, which was exclusively available on Discord as a testing patch):

Bug fixes

New Stuff