Only using shines (cuz I can't accept defeat lmao)

Hello. Welp I already lost my shinylocke but still want to continue sooo I decided to remove the nuzlocke bit because I get more attached to my Mons than I thought. The rules are, for the most part same except all my Mons have :infinity: lives AND I can use 10 potions and 3 revives per battle. That’s it. All other rules are the same

change that to hardmode then

I lost to east so I need to grind. Ugh

Hmmm no

Well, ok fine it’s not a nuzlocke so it cant be that bad, right?

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get rekt in the next match

jk jk jk jk jk

Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen

Well, atleast everyone will obey me so that’s great

I am BROKE so I need some money. Gentleman dune, prepare yourself

K I got some money, now GRIND AGAIN

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K everyone is at LV 49, the level cap. Time to give east a visit

Alright, third time’s the charm

Skarmory down. East wasted all his potions on the skarm, I think

Ok I kid you not burbasaur lived on ONE HP. Literally. I’ll post a pic

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The kingdra knocked it out but dang, that was lucky

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I lost, but this is not a nuzlocke. Time to soft reset

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For some reason the noivern did Draco meteor, so burba lived

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Alright, I’m losing over and over so instead, I’ll just soft reset until I win and then I’ll post what happens