Shinylockes are...Soulcrushing esp .when lost

I should buy potions

It did don’t even do anything, it just wasted my fs

why dont u trade tht with others for theif shiny

I dont have a shiny btw

Huh. I COULD trade it, but for what? I won’t be allowed to use the trade Mon in my shinylocke sooooo

Alright time for round two

The match went on the same until the kingdra, whose hydro pump.missed TWICE. Wow

Tho I HAVE to let poke die or else itll be cheating since he lost a life the first time. Not a perma death, bit still


That’s it, the runs dead. Sorry guys

I was kinda sick of the nucklocke aspect anyways so I’m not too sad. I’m NOT trading anyone instead I’ll have em transfered

Y’know what. Since I’m a loser and can’t accept defeat, I’m going to continue. Well ofc without the nuzlocke I lost that challenge lmao

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I’m going to continue this but only as a ‘only shiny run’ similar to smallant’s

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hmm ok

If you want to see me continue, here

A shiny badge quest is what you are gonna do right?

555th comment

What’s a shiny badge quest

You hunt for a shiny after every badge

Oh well yeah ig