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δMamoswine Line (and maybe a couple other things)

It’s that time again, kiddos. That time where Boro’s bored and posts on the forum because attention is nice. So, any and all ado being set aside, here’re some pre-evolutions to go with the δMamoswine first seen here.
DeltaSwinubDeltaPiloswineDeltaMamo EtcStl
So, δSwinub is pure Electric type, while δPiloswine and δMamoswine are Steel/Electric.
And because I’m so nice and lowkey bored out of my skull, here’s a Dragon type δDedenne, and Psychic/Rock δIllumise and δVolbeat.
DeltaDedenne DgnDeltaVolbIllu
Now, it’s naptime for me. Boro Out!