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Collaborative Legendary Pokemon Guide


This is a post where we share our knowledge of the currently available Legendary Pokemon. Most of us don’t know where all of them are, so we’ll mix and match to fill in the blanks. As this is a list of all Legendary Pokemon, there will be spoilers. Share knowledge you possess so we can put together a list for all Legendary locations.

1st Gen


  • No Man’s Land, behind a Relic Song Wall


  • Upper Suntouched City, through a Tesseract Spot and Relic Song Wall


  • In Void Gaunlet (Citidark Isle), behind a Relic Song wall


  • Perfection Cult base, after subduing Arceus. Passage should open behind computers. Solve several puzzles to summon Mewtwo


  • Story Event in Crystal Caves

2nd Gen


  • begins roaming after beating the Elite 4. Can show up in any wild encounter (including replacing Legendaries and Deltas when interacted with.)


  • begins roaming after beating the Elite 4. Can show up in any wild encounter (including replacing Legendaries and Deltas when interacted with.)


  • begins roaming after beating the Elite 4. Can show up in any wild encounter (including replacing Legendaries and Deltas when interacted with.)


  • Whirl Islands, after Kyogre encounter


  • On top of Ancient Tower through Tesseract. Requires all 3 Legendary Dogs to be in your party


  • Received from Nora after helping her through Holon, post Elite 4 rematch

3rd Gen


  • Relic Song Wall in Rezzai Cavern. Requires encountering Meloetta first to gain access to Relic Song ability.


  • Victory Road (Ice), requires Relic Song


  • Relic Song Wall in Mt. Rose, but requires a Flyer to leave (according to xRedx)


  • the 7th mission for the Radio tower


  • on Mist Island after capturing Latios


  • Found in Maelstrom 9 after capturing Darkrai and receiving a message about a deep rumble under the sea.
  • Warning: Kyogre has Double-Edge


  • deep inside Earth’s Mantel in the Infernal Cult Base. Requires beating the Timeless


  • on top of Jade Tower. Pathway opens up with Kyogre and Groudon in your party
  • NOTE: stairs are currently bugged. To leave the area with Rayquaza, stand on the first step and interact with the second


  • Relic Song Wall in Nightmare Badlands


  • Relic Song Wall in Mt. Rose

4th Gen


  • Dev Tower.
  • Warning: Azelf has Explosion


  • Dev Tower


  • Dev Tower


  • Void Gauntlet (Spear Pillar). Available after E4 rematch


  • Void Gauntlet (Hall of Legends). Available after E4 rematch


  • Story Event


  • Chance to catch on way out from catching Groudon. Double battle with Volcanion. If KOd in the double battle, it appears in the Fiery Caverns.


  • Roaming Encounter, post delivering Diana’s parcel?


  • Story Event (Postgame, Holon)


  • deliver Parcel for Diana (Postgame) and return to her in Selene City


  • Nightmare Badlands (Postgame)


  • Received from Damian after helping his questline


  • Story Event (Postgame) Warning: Arceus has Perish Song.

5th Gen


  • Midna Garden, Waterfall needed


  • Cave in Koril Town. requires Rock Climb


  • Victory Road (Ruins section). Requires Rock Climb


  • Safari zone up a waterfall, and then route 6. Gotten to by hoopa portal on route 15, in a cave, then chased to Mt Rose, and next Route 15. It then finally runs off to Victory road ruins


  • Safari Zone. See Safari Zone wiki page for detailed instructions


  • Rezzai Desert, Tornadus, and Thundurus in your party


  • Pick up light stone after beating Taen the for last time


  • Pick up dark stone after beating Taen the for last time


  • Second ice puzzle in Victory road (obtainable in 1.2.4 Test Patch on Discord)


  • Crystal Cave - Final Chamber, post E4 rematch.
  • Warning: Victini has Final Gambit


  • Murk forest, with the trio in party


  • found in the cave on Route 5. Requires solving all 8 of the sliding tile puzzles scattered between the two regions to receive all 8 Mysterious Scrolls.
  • Warning: Meloetta has Perish Song.


  • Fetch quest in Gaea town.
  • Warning: Genesect has Self-Destruct.

6th Gen


  • Portal in the sky while Soaring in the Emolga Taxi (post E4 rematch)


  • Portal in the sky while Soaring in the Emolga Taxi (Post E4 rematch)


  • Story Event (Postgame)


  • Crystal Cave, behind a Relic Song Wall


  • Dream Realm, accessible through the portal behind Relic Song Wall on Route 5


  • Appears alongside Heatran when leaving the Infernal Cult Base post-Groudon. Fight both Volcanion and Heatran at the same time. If knocked out, Volcanion can be found later at the Cave of Steam.
  • Warning: Volcanion has Explosion.

Delta Gen

Delta Regirock

  • Holon desert on a platform that requires rock climb. Fall into the quicksand.

Delta Regice

  • Dive spot in Lake Holon

Delta Registeel

  • back cavern of Mt. Holon

Delta Meloetta

  • Settlement Foxtrot, stone to the south with a musical note on it, opens doorway when using Relic Song

Delta Hoopa

  • Portal above holon mountain after E4 rematch
Kyurem location
Post Game Legendarys?
Post-game i don't know what I missed
Zapdos + Ho-Oh
Victini issues (solved)

Terrakion is in that cave in Koril town where the Meloetta puzzle is, you need rock climb.


thank you, adding that now


Latias is on Mist Island after you beat/capture Latios.


thank you again. if you have any others, it might be good to knock them all out of the way at once


I don’t unfortunately, i’m still going through the post game and am finding these on complete accident. Do you know how to return to the Dream World by any chance?


once you have rock climb and waterfall, you can return the same way you left. the cave on route 5


Thank you.


Moltres is in the cave that’s right before where Arceus is (I’m terrible with names, sorry). You need meloetta DNA to get it.

Deoxys is in the dream world badlands, northeast in the path you take to go to the Darkrai house. You need meloetta DNA too.

Virizion is in victory road (ruins). You need surf and rock climb.

Edit: you don’t need to do the elite four rematch to get mewtwo. You just need to beat them once.

Edit2: Diance is in the Mew cave. You need rock climb to get it.


I mentioned Deoxys already, but thank you for all the others. I’ll add them now


Whoops, didn’t see you mentioned deoxys, sorry! Also, regice is in victory road ice, but I can’t remember whether you need rock climb or meloetta dna to get it.


By the way, do you know what level entei, suicune and raikou are when you encounter them?


They should all appear at Level 80


Great, thanks!


Added Delta Regirock.


Oh, neat, didn’t know you could do that


Alright, the god is here.

Articuno is in No mans Land behind a meloetta wall.

Zapdos is in the upper part of Suntouched city, to the right of the gym is a tesseract spot, follow that and zapdos is locked behind a meloetta wall

Ho-oh is at the top of the Delta noibat tower, however you have to use tesseract to go to the past to get to the top. You need all 3 legendary beasts in your party to make Ho-Oh appear.

Celebi is gotten by finishing nora’s questline, her questline starts in holon, and ends in gaea town, she then gives you celebi.

Registeel should be behind a Meloetta wall, near the base of mount rose, bring someone with fly or you wont be able to leave however.

Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit should be in Dev Tower on Dev Island (The only possible place they could be) However, the tower is currently broken and wont open, even if you beat all the devs.

Dialga and Palkia require you to finish the Reukra quest line and then beat the elite four rematch. You may or may not need Arceus to obtain them.

Shaymin is got by finished Damians questline. He gives it to you in your dream world, in front of Adams gym.

Cobalion is in midna garden, requires heart swap and the magic carpet to get to.

Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem are all bugged. Currently unobtainable.

Genesect is under radio tower, currently bugged, cannot get to it.

And i’m not telling you how to get shadow mewtwo :stuck_out_tongue:

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Alright Red, thanks for the assistance!

A little salty about your stance on Shadow Mewtwo though…


The list is almost complete. We still need Cresselia, Tornadus, Landorus, Victini, Keldeo, Delta Hoopa, and Shadow Mewtwo.


If i have time later, I’ll reveal victini and keldeos locations