Where can I see my current version of Insurgence?

Im not too sure if I have the latest version of insurgence, problem is idk where can I check my current version? And if I do have to get the new patch I have absolutely no clue how to patch a game and Im worried i would mess something up which could lead to loss of data or something like that :<

If you are able to use internet functions, like friend safari or trading, then it is updated.

I have only done challenge runs so far where you cant trade.

In your trainer card

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Oh hey mg. Thanks! Im only missing the update where you can get delta munchlax again. So do you know by any chance how I patch my game with that core for windows?

You can get here

Follow the instructions for Windows

I downloaded the patch and extracted it with Winrar but I dont know where I put the extracted file? I tried putting it into the folder where my savefiles are aswell and restarted the game and it still says 1.1.8. and cant get the mystery gift aswell. I SUCK AT THIS HELP

Well I mean, there is no active Mystery Gift, so collecting one would be impressive indeed.

Oh so the Delta Munchlax one is already over? i just thought it was still active because it was written at the top in bold for

Can you help me with this patch? It seems like it didnt update. Is there a specific place where I put the file? When I extracted the file its name is Game.rgssad and put it into the folde where the savefiles are.

It doesn’t say in your Trainer Card, as long as you can access online functions then you are fine.

You place the game.rgssad file where the game.exe is located. If you get an option to replace the existing game.rgssad file, then you’ve patched up correctly. The date of the game.rgssad should be around 13th or 14th of August.

The last patch fixed a issue while it was active and hence it’s included in the patch notes.


Well… Um when I put it into the folder of my Game files it didnt say anything to replacing a file and there wasnt already a game.rgssad file but I can go online so I guess I patched it somehow?

Yes, if you can go online then it is patched, it may have already been the updated version depending when you downloaded it.