Tournament on simulator

Prize is Gia’s soul, mega stone, and possibly a bredmon and/or dream mist (someone [even if your participating] can give one tho [can be almost anything] )
I hope people see this

SIGN UP 12pm saturday
Thanks to: @Emerald24111 and @Firefiber733339 for supplying the rewards
Species clause: Player cannot use two Pokémon using the same Pokédex number.

Visible team: Team Preview is On

Sleep Clause: Players cannot willingly put to sleep more than one Pokémon on the opposing team.

Swagger-Prank clause: Swagger and Prankster cannot be used on the same set because it’s too annoying.

Evasion clause: Accuracy lowering and evasion boosting is banned.

Endless battle clause: Players cannot prevent the opponent from loosing other than forfeiting.

OHKO clause: Sheer Cold, Guillotine, Fissure and Horn Drill are banned.

Pokémon allowed are Pokémon from PU to OU, banning Uber’s and AG Pokémon. (The only exception is Torrent Greninja)

Following items are banned:

Soul Dew
Following abilities are banned:

Shadow Tag
Arena Trap
Protean (Greninja)
Following moves are banned:



I’ll give my soul to anyone who wins

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@Stroi are you playing? or just watching?

i’ll gladly take gia’s soul

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@JojoBoss247 yes i did get the idea from you

can i?

yea lemme get you on the bracket

tell me in the chat if you are joining, i only have Black,Indian, and Weeb

wheres the bracket?

i am making it on this website


@IndianAnimator @BackInBlack @WeeblesXXVII the prize for winning is a mega stone who wants mega stones and who doesnt

i mean sure

i traded a couple of mine off

i put audinite

ubers or ou?

anything goes

nah i mean for the tournament

/me in.