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The Insurgence Randomizer Playthrough

Edward battle -

his mega-

yuki battle -

reukra battle -

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That UFI hit me hard… I tried to complete the dex once lol

half of his team is prevolves lol


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should i do postgame
  • hail yeah
  • this playthrough is over

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if this playthrough is over then i will continue the uranium playthrough

nah uranium’s too easy


you can comment which challenge run except shinylocke i should do in insurgence

i’ll give an ez game

ok but i will wonder trade manually because i am afraid that i will automatically wonder trade a shiny

of Corse i will not start my playthrough anytime soon because there are enough playthroughs already

if this dies then the only one left is mine save for the ones that rarely get updated

ok than i guess i will do a playthrough (i thought it would irritate others if i do another playthrough)

i am tired of this playthrough so i am doing another playthrough


Uranium’s EZ if you grind, but I still love it lol