The Insurgence Randomizer Playthrough

does anyone want to see a randomizer playthrough
(note - this is not a nuzlocke since i am to much of a wimp to do a nuzlocke but i will abide to the nuzlocke catching rules)

bruh stop demoting yourself

no prob. i just do not lke nuzlockes since they take too much time and are too sad.

the starters are

and omg a freaking sky snake

i am of Corse choosing the sky snake

omg Damien has a entei

but u have a rayquay

we won

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our encounter is froggy

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we caught it

omg the first pokemon trainer has a latias


the latias knows wish

i could have caught a entei


our telnor cave encounter is

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So is this a nuzlocke or not?

no it is not a nuzlocke

So why does encounter matter? Just catch anything that’s POG

Nvm Just saw this lol

if there were no rules than i would have grinded for 1 hour till i had a team of legends

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