Might start a shinylocke πŸ‘€

but on which game is my question
comment/reply a game you want me to shinylocke
i want to do this to improve my patience lol

  • radical red
  • reborn

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radical red

… of all games y that one lmao

radical red nuzlocke


lamo… i am joking

also i would need a drive download(which i do by emailing myself a game and share link)
cuz firewall

there are wayyy too many playthroughs already. if you wanna do a shinylocke, do it, but dont post it

ik im not dumb


in that case, reborn as incog said

3 reborn 2 radical red

might make yt vids about it tho

That would be better

the frick
3 reborn and 5 radical reds
damn smh

tell me a good software lol
cant use ubs cuz reasons

wait the odds are 1/8###


frick nvm

y u want me to suffer in a hard game and the rate is 1/8###