Sleepy's Shop v2.0

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Trading Name: sleepy


  • Relaxed Unaware(HA) Wooper with Curse, Recover, Encore and Toxic.

  • Bold Regenerator(HA) Foongus with Stun Spore and Sludge Bomb.

  • Jolly/Adamant Infiltrator(HA) Zubat with Brave Bird, U-Turn , Toxic, Defog, Roost and Sleep Talk (any combination of these moves).

  • Naughty/Adamant/Jolly/ Speed Boost(HA) Carvanha with Destiny Bond, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam and Waterfall.

  • Mild/Adamant Sound Proof(HA) Snover with Seed Bomb, Facade and Swords Dance.

  • Impish/Adamant Sheer Force(HA)/Intimidate Mawile with Toxic, Rock Slide and Swords Dance.

  • Careful Immunity(HA), (when evolved, becomes Poison Heal) Gligar with Toxic, Earthquake, Facade and Rock Slide.

  • Jolly Vital Spirit(HA)/Static(Becomes Motor Drive in Electivire) Elekid with Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Meditate and Wild Charge.

  • Timid/Modest Larvesta with Morning Sun.

  • Jolly/Adamant Scrappy(HA) Kangaskhan with Double-Edge, Hammer Arm, Crush Claw and Earthquake.

  • Jolly/Adamant Unnerve(HA) Aerodactyl with Roost, Pursuit, Earthquake and Stone Edge.

  • Adamant Insomnia/Frisk Shuppet with Gunk Shot, Destiny Bond, Confuse Ray and Phantom Force.

  • Jolly/Adamant Reckless(HA) Starly with Double-Edge, Roost and U-Turn.

  • Impish/Relaxed Sap Sipper(HA)/Scrappy Miltank with Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rest and Curse.

  • Calm/Modest Flame Body Slugma with Toxic and Acid Armor.

  • Naive/Adamant/Jolly Moody(HA)/Inner Focus/Ice Body Snorunt with Spikes, Toxic and Ice Beam

  • Bold/Modest Regenerator(HA) Slowpoke with either Ice Beam, Calm Mind and Psyshock or Ice Beam and Fire Blast.

  • Naive/Timid/Adamant/Jolly Zorua with Swords Dance, Grass Knot, U-Turn, Sucker Punch and Dark Pulse (any combination of these moves).

  • Admant Damp(HA) Mudkip with Toxic and Waterfall.

  • Timid/Modest Trace Ralts with Destiny Bond, Disable, Shadow Ball and, either Psyshock or Will-o-wisp.

  • Jolly/Adamt Telepathy(HA, becomes Justified when evolved into gallade) Ralts with Shadow Sneak.

  • Adamant/Jolly Pure Power Meditite with Baton Pass, Fake Out, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch.

  • Timid Magic Guard(HA) Abra with Encore, Shadow Ball and Grass Knot.

  • Adamant/Careful/Impish Sturdy Aron with Curse, Earthquake, Rest and Sleep Talk.

  • Naive/Jolly Super Luck Absol with Baton Pass, Play Rough, Fire Blast and Ice Beam.

  • Timid/Modest Flash Fire Houndour with Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, Will-o-Wisp and Dark Pulse.

  • Calm/Modest Static Mareep with Agility, Electric Terrain, Rest and Sleep Talk

  • Modest Simple(Evolves to Solid Rock Camerupt) Numel with Ancient Power, Toxic, Fire Blast and Will-o-Wisp.

  • Adamant/Impish Sturdy Onix with Heavy Slam, Toxic and Earthquake.

  • Naughty/Adamant/Jolly Speed Boost(HA) Carvanha with Destiny Bond, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam and Waterfall.

  • Timid/Jolly/Impish/Adamant Sheer Force(HA)/Rock Head Bagon with Dragon Dance, Fire Fang, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast.

  • Jolly Unnerve(HA) Aerodactyl with Pursuit, Roost, Earthquake and Stone Edge.

  • Jolly/Adamant Scrappy Kangaskhan with Double-Edge, Earthquake and Crush Claw.

  • Adamant/Jolly/Hasty Speed Boost(HA) Venipede with Poison Jab, Spikes, Toxic Jab and Pin Missile.

  • Bold/Modest Oblivious/Swift Swim Feebas with Haze, Mirror Coat, Rest, Sleep Talk, Rest, Ice Beam (any combination of these moves)

  • Jolly Pinsir with Close Combat, Quick Attack, Earthquale and Swords Dance(Level up move)

  • Timid Rain Dish(HA)/Liquid Ooze Tentacool with Knock Off, Rapid Spin and Toxic

  • Naive/Jolly Thick Fat(HA) Piloswine with Freeze Dry, Icicle Crash and Icicle Spear.

  • Timid Contrary(HA) Snivy with Glare, Grassy Terrain and Toxic

  • Sassy/Adamant/Jolly Honedge with Toxic, Flash Cannon and Gyro Ball; with a value of 0 in speed IV on request(Else it’ll be a 5 IV one)

  • Calm/Timid Technician(HA)/Natural Cure Budew/Roselia with Leaf Storm, Synthesis, Spikes, Sludge Bomb, Extrasensory, Sleep Powder and Giga Drain (any combination of these moves); Note: If you want extrasensory, 5IV will not be guaranteed since one parent needs to hold a rose incense and extrasensory is the egg move of only budew.

  • Calm Swift Swim(HA) Poliwag with Encore, Rest and Toxic

  • Jolly Taillow with Roost, Facade, U-Turn and Brave Bird(Level up move)

  • Adamant/Jolly Poison Touch(HA) Croagunk with Fake Out and Drain Punch

  • Adamant/Jolly Quick Feet(HA, becomes Technician upon evolution)/Poison Heal Shroomish with Drain Punch, Swords Dance, Bullet Seed and Facade

  • Jolly Mienfoo with Knock Off, Poison Jab and U-Turn(Level up move)

  • Jolly Moxie(HA) Heracross with Swords Dance, Facade and Rock Blast

  • Adamant Gale Wings(HA) Fletchling with Swords Dance

  • Bold/Calm Friend Guard(HA) Cleffa with Flamethrower, Aromatherapy and Wish

  • Bold/Calm Chlorophyll(HA) Bulbasaur with Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb

  • Rash/Modest Swift Swim/Sniper Horsea with Waterfall, Ice Beam and Dragon Dance

  • Adamant Scrappy(HA) Pancham with Foul Play, Brick Break, Swords Dance and Rock Slide

  • Impish Cloud Nine(HA) Swablu with Haze, Roost, Substitute™ and Hyper Voice

  • Jolly/Adamant Sheer Force(HA) Totodile with Aqua Jet. Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Ice Punch and Waterfall (any combination of these moves).

  • Careful/Adamant/Jolly Mold Breaker(HA) Drilbur with Skull Bash and Toxic

  • Bold Static Stunfisk with Earth Power, Sludge Bomb, Toxic and Sludge Wave

  • Adamant Noctem(HA) Spiritomb with Pain Split, Destiny Bond and Will-o-Wisp

  • Adamant Guts Timburr with Drain Punch, Mach Punch, Toxic and Poison jab

  • Adamant/Jolly Rough Skin(HA) Gible with Earthquake, Rock Climb, Fire Blast, Iron Head and Outrage (any combination of these moves).

  • Timid Flash Fire(HA) Cyndaquil with Extrasensory, Flame Burst and Fire Blast.

  • Sassy/Relaxed Iron Barbs Ferroseed with Leech Seed, Spikes, Gyroball(Level up move) and Toxic; with a value of 0 in speed IV on request

  • Careful/Bold Prankster(HA) Sableye with Recover, Calm Mind and Will-O-Wisp

  • Naive/Adamant/Jolly/Timid/Modest Prankster(HA) Riolu with Bullet Punch, Crunch, Vacuum Wave and Earthquake

  • Timid/Bold Serene Grace Togepi with Nasty Plot, Extrasensory and Morning Sun

  • Adamant Pickup Phanpy with Head Smash, Ice Shard, Play Rough and Toxic

  • Bold Water Absorb(HA) Tympole with Refresh, Rest and Earthpower.

  • Timid Deino with Dark Pulse.

  • Adamant/Jolly Sneasel with Ice Crash, Pursuit, Swords Dance and Poison Jab.

  • Adamant/Jolly Defiant Pawniard with Sucker Punch, Pusruit, Swords Dance(Level up move) and Brick Break

  • Adamant Huge Power Marill with Rain Dance, Belly Drum, Aqua Jet and Waterfall

  • Impish Sand Stream Hippopotas with Slack Off, Stockpile, Whirwind and Toxic

  • Modest Sap Sipper Goomy with Sludge Bomb and Thunderbolt(TM move)

  • Adamant/Jolly Moxie Scraggy with Dragon Dance, Fake Out, Drain Punch, Ice Punch(Fake Out can be replaced with Poison Jab on request)

  • Calm/Bold/Timid/Modest Anticipation(HA) Eevee with Wish, Toxic, Substitute(Available TM) and Shadow Ball.

  • Bold/Calm Natural Cure/Serene Grace Chansey with Toxic, Seismic Toss, Flame Thrower and Heal Bell.

  • Rash/Modest Sniper Horsea with Rain Dance, Outrage, Ice Beam and Waterfall.

  • Naive/Jolly/Adamant Skill Link Shellder with Rock Blast, Icicle Spear and Rapid Spin.

  • Bold/Impish Sturdy/Weakness Armour(HA) Skarmory with Brave Bird, Roost, Whirlwind and Toxic.

  • Timid/Modest Gastly with Toxic, Will-O-Wisp and Sludge Bomb.

  • Adamant/Jolly Guts Larvitar with Stealth Rock(Tutor in last city), Dragon Dance, Outrage and Pursuit.

  • Modest Rain Dish(HA) Squirtle with Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse and Ice Beam.

  • Timid Lightning Rod Electrike with Flamethrower, Volt Switch and HP Ice.

  • Modest/Timid/Jolly/Hasty/Naive Protean(HA) Froakie with Ice Beam, Toxic Spikes and Grass Knot.

  • Modest/Timid Hustle(HA) Nidoran with Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb and Thunderbolt(TM has been released in 1.1, but the nido will still have it, just fyi)

  • Adamant/Jolly Growlithe with Close Combat, Morning Sub, Wild Charge and Flare Blitz(Level up move)

  • Adamant/Jolly Limber(HA) Buneary with Fake Out and 3 elemental punches.

  • Adamant/Jolly Limber(HA) Buneary with Encore, Fake Out, Ice Punch and Power-up Punch.

  • Impish/Adamant/Jolly Technician Scyther with Roost, Brick Break and U-turn

  • Adamant/Timid/Modest/Jolly/Impish Charmander with Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Outrage and Swords Dance (any combination of these moves)

  • Adamant/Jolly Strong Jaw/Sturdy(HA) Tyrunt with Dragon Dance, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Stone Edge, Rock Slide (any combination of these moves).

  • Adamant/Jolly Speedboost(HA) Torchic with Baton Pass, Swords Dance, Night Slash and Low Kick

  • Adamant/Jolly Adaptability(HA) Corphish with Dragon Dance, Superpower, Aqua Jet and Waterfall

  • Level 71 Pickup Pokemon.

  • IV Stones

  • Heart Scales

  • PP UPs

  • Dittos, Pokerus and Frisk Sentrets with Covet.


  • Shiny Pokemon

  • The current mystery gift Lizzy(looking for only 5 of them).

  • Adamant Delta Snorunt/Glalie

Payment Info: If you make a request, kindly make a suitable offer for it.

Your Offer: Your Request

Shiny pokemon: 1 EV trained 5IV pokemon with Egg moves (Of your choice, willing to train upto lvl 50 if requested) plus 1 IV stone (or) 3 level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves plus 2 IV stones

The current mystery gift Lizzy: 1 IV stone.

Kanto Starter Mega stones: 1 EV trained 5IV pokemon with Egg moves (Of your choice, willing to train upto lvl 50 if requested) plus 1 IV stone (or) 3 level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves plus 2 IV stones

Requested good natured Deltas: 2 level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves plus 2 IV stones

Note: The following and only the following stuff is free;

Ditto(Specify which nature you want); Only one per person , I will request a random pokemon that can be caught in Friend Safari or earlier routes.

Frisk Sentret with Covet; This one is free

Pokerus; This one is also free

Further info:

  • My timezone is utc+05:30.

  • Please specify the nature/ability among those mentioned above that you want. If you want a nature other than what is mentioned above, please specify that as well.

  • If you want a different pokemon(other than the ones mentioned) EV trained or bred in exchange for a shiny or kanto starter mega stone, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

  • Feel free to offer other stuff, but please keep in mind that I might not be interested in them as I already have a lot(if not most) of stuff.

  • If you’re offering a shiny or positive natured delta, please show a screenshot of all the five( Info, Trainer Memo, Skills, EV & IV and Moves) pages (sample) in the summary.

  • I can also breed any 5IV pokemon with choice of ability,nature etc as long as it is available and possible(meaning other than deltas,legendary and kricketot line) in insurgence.

  • The old shop is still here.


Hey man, you accept a Delta Charizard Nature: Modest like trade? Delta Charizard

Sure. Meet me on discord? What’s your name there?

Edit: dukemon_x never responded.

interested in pokerus

Sure. Sorry for the late reply, what trashmons do you have?

Edit: boxrox still hasn’t responded.

Hello could I have a 0 speed iv sassy adamant honedge and a sassy ferroseed with 0 iv for iv stones, I have 5.

Can I have the Adamant Prankster Riolu + Modest Oblivious Feebas (w/ mirror coat, rest, sleep talk and ice beam) + Adamant Corphish + (1 IV stone) for a shiny marill with huge power? we can remove the iv stone if it’s too much.

Also interested with an Adamant Ditto, frisk sentret and pokerus. Edit:

Can you catch something from horsea/seadra/duskull/dusclops for the ditto? Anyone of them would do. the 2 iv stones are still included along with the 3 mons in exchange for your marill btw. When will you be able to trade?

Edit: trade complete with cij5.

Sure, I could breed both for 2 IV stones. When will you be able to trade?

wow, you are a fast breeder. Are you online by 3 hours from now? If not, tomorrow would be better for me. I’m GMT+8

I’m online right now.

I already have the parents with 5IVs so it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes per mon resetting for 5IVs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t make it, I was in class. I’m not sure whether class will be over by 10pm (GMT+8). Whenever I’m free, I’ll be available on discord but the timings vary. The only time I’m sure that I’ll be free daily is around 13:30-14:30 your time. If we can’t meet up before then, let’s trade during the weekend?

Also, nothing related to trades is to be discussed in PMs, it’s a rule. Everything is to be done on the forums in comments or on #generaldiscussion channel on discord.

Hey Sleepy Hi man! I want Jolly Riolu w/ EarthQuake and BulletPunch, Bold Stunfisk, Jolly Meditite, Bold Slowpoke w/ Ice Beam,Calm Mind and Psyshock.

How much IV’s stones for all?

My time zone is est. and I can be on from around 900pm today, so about 830am your time.

I can’t trade at 08:30 am :frowning: The earliest I can do is 10:00 am. Your sassy ferroseed is ready but about the honedge, you mentioned 2 natures?

which nature do you want for the honedge?

Edit: Monarch never responded.

Sorry for that. Anyway, I’m online right now. Let’s trade?

Trade completed

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Thanks for the offer but I’m not offering a delta ralts for IV stones or for 5IV pokemon which I can easily obtain by myself.

I’m not interested. The payment info is just a further info, I’m only looking for those mentioned in Requests:.

Besides, I’m not sure about delta liepard but delta avalugg would do better with a defensive nature from what I’ve head.


can i get Jolly Mienfoo and Adamant Speedboost(HA) Torchic with Baton Pass, Swords Dance and Low Kick for IV Stone ?

if can, how much ?

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