Ruekra is overpowered to the point of bullcrap!

Remember the champion fight with Ruekra. You know his Armored Tyranitar, Delta Volcarona, Shadow Mewtwo, Mega Flygon (which I want to mention because its actually a creative mega), Kyurem , and Delta Haxorus. This is way too overpowered in the first place. But he learned from every other champion to spam full restores. This is practically cheating!! Nerf this asap! His Pokemon like Kyurem, Mewtwo, and Armored Tyranitar give him a way to big advantage to lose. In a story perspective he shouldnt have been allowed in! 2 legendaries, and a pokemon wearing armor, no thats fine hes a cult leader and he will kill someone if he isnt allowed in! why is he this overpowered! At least put healers in the room that makes it fairer than earlier!

I mean your allowed to use full restores too AND you have giratina and mew. Based on reukras team it seams your playing easy mode so i dont see the problem here. If you want stronger pokemon, go to the trading section and ask for some there @PErson
EDIT : Forgot about revives, you probably have a few of those

U can also cook max revives, which is op!


Reukra looked for the perfect pokémon at first, then for the perfect team. If he wasn’t strong, then he’d look like a idiot.
It mostly depends on your team balance, I had more trouble with Yuki than with Reukra, because Ice totally annihilates my team (and I refused to change it - they’re my friends ´סּ︵סּ` )


Lol, exactly. His team is Perfection.

A strong fighting type, like Machamp, can take out Ttar, Haxorus, and probably Volcarona and Kyurem too

Flygon is almost useless if you’ve got The ability Soundproof

And MewTwo is 4x weak to bug, so

I failed to catch Giratina, and I didnt use mew at all!

If you manage to get 2 Swords Dance with a Technitian Scizor (252 EV in Atk and Adamant nature is recommended), you OHKO Shadow Mewtwo, Armored Tyranitar, Kyurem-B and Mega Flygon with Bullet Punch (don’t worry about speed, it’s priority). Then, you can OHKO his D.Haxorus with Superpower and D.Volcarona can be serverly weakened with Bug Bite or dealth with teammates. In the best case, a Mold Breaker user with Earthquake like Excadrill or Haxorus. Other strong physical Wallbreaker (Mega Kangaskan, Mega Medicham, Conkeldurr or Lucario being immunes to Sludge Wave and resident to Dark Pulse+Giga Drain) do the job very well.

Mewtwo, Kyurem-B, Mega Flygon and Tyranitar (if he use Dragon Dance since it is not an OHKO) get destroyed by a Choice Scarf Gardevoir using Moonblast.

I have a good record at destroying Reukra in Hard mode. If you ever need team advices, ask me.

Oh ok well you can still use the strat that @PeterHolmes74 suggested or have a belly drum sweeper like d.snorlax. Seriously, if you pull off a belly drum, practically half his team is annihilated. Ttar, kyurem and d.haxorus get destroyed by superpower (I didn’t do the maths but it does a lot of damage, I know from previous experience battling him). You also probably have the tm silver wind that is 4x effective on his shadow Mewtwo (watch out for its burst mode though. If you don’t know how that works, here’s a link:, and his mega flygon is still 4x weak to ice so a ice beam from d gardevoir should be enough. As for the d.volcarona… I don’t really remember what I did to beat so (again) just use Peter’s strat @PErson
EDIT :mega flygon is 2x weak to ice l, not 4x . Thanks for pointing it out @GiaPeNiw !

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Mega Flygon is bug not ground so it is 2x weak to ice

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I’m pretty sure bug is weak to ice but you tell me :wink:

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Just realised it not weak to ice… I’m so dumb

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Lol, actually, bug and grass look really similar

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@PErson keep us update if you defeat him

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I did and it seems the problem was his level scales with you and I overprepared with level 100+ pokemon. I just had to get lucky. Still hes kinda unfairly op.


I personally don’t find him that OP, just a tough vhallenge I am happy to face. That is comming from someone who does competitive battle, so that isn’t the cas for a casual player.