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There isn’t very mutch I allow myself to tell everybody. While my name is clearly not Peter Holmes, I play Pokémon since B/W and I started competitive Pokémon since S/M. I doesn’t play that much online, but I am constantly teambuilding. Pokémon Insurgence is the best Pokémon game I have ever played. My favorite Pokémon type is Ghost, followed by Wather and Ground.

My goal is to be known as a force to be recon with whitin the Pokémon community. I want to be respected as a team builder and I am ready to take the challenge. Whit more in-game challenge, I want to beat every zone of the Battle Frontier, and here come my teambuild talent.

Top 25 favorite Pokémon:

I am a french canadian, so I may do spelling mistakes. Don’t worry, I speak english very well and I know every Pokémon’s name, ability and moves both in french and english.