Request: Male Impish Growlithe

Trading Name: Je4nsTM

Offer: Delta Charizard and Delta Schyter

Request: Male Impish Growlithe with Morning Sun and Flare Blitz

Further info: If you can’t give me this Growlithe you can pass me an Arcanine for a hour and I will make my own Growlithe :wink:

You should follow the trading template found in here

So please edit your post to match it.

Ok I have done it! Thx

I can give you the growlithe. What nature is delta scyther?

He’s jolly (+Spe -SpA) I think that it’s ok, but it’s only level 15 I hope you want to train him :wink:

Thats pretty good. Does it have ice cleats?

No, it has got Hustle (Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy)

Thats totally fine. I can change it with an ability capsule

Are you on-line now? I can do it at this moment

Can’t do it right now. Maybe in an hour?

Sure, no prob :wink:

Do you have discord? I could PM you when I can trade if you do

What is that? xD

I preffer this forum, when you’re ready post it here.

Alright, I will

The trade rule regarding PMs includes fixing a time for trades as well, just wanted to point that out.

@Je4nsTM In case you were wondering, it’s in the rules.

Also, if you don’t know how to trade, here’s a guide.

Does that rule include just getting someone’s attention or does anything involving trading have to be in the general discussion

Yeah, it does include getting someone’s attention as well. We’d prefer anything related to trading between two traders be done out in the open.

(@ mentioning both here and discord shows up in notifications and discord recently implemented the recent mentions list)

Thanks. Also, @Je4nsTM, do you want IVs on the growlithe?