Rarest shiny in the game?

So i have a few guesses.

  1. The red pokemon you get for beating the league with no faints
  2. Shadow mewtwo
  3. UFI
  4. Cressilia, lemme explain. cressilia has a 1/15 chance of randomly spawning in areas around selene city and this rate cannot be changed, meaning with charm chances of you getting a shiny cres is a 1 in 1365x15 ie 1/20475.
  5. or smth else

Uh…I would say roaming legends probs. So most likely cresselia

UFI it is pretty hard to get all pokemon and UFI is a static encounter

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I’d say the roaming legends, completing the dex is imo not that hard and the championship can be cheesed

for the roaming legends you can’t have charm bc once they get registered they no longer appear, they aren’t a guaranteed spawn rate, and they aren’t very popular shinies imo
your best bet might even be to pokepon them

in fact, once I get through shadow mewtwo and this dreaded victini, I plan on pokeponning my raikou


Yeah, Cresselia is the hardest of the roamers.

I was about to say that as well. Sure, the pokken mons or UFI are hard to get, but you can simply SR them for a shiny, on the other hand, you can’t simply SR for roaming legends, you have to encounter them over and over again until you get a shiny, which, based on the chances is a rarer occurence.

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yeah, UFI wasn’t any harder than rayquaza/keldeo/ho oh

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Actually getting shiny P. Machamp and P. Lucario is the hardest I would think, as you have a 1/16777216 chance of getting both shiny. Shiny Charm doesn’t affect them either. You can shiny charm the wanderers, and they’re not even close even without shiny charm.

… holy magikarp

no I don’t believe you can charm the wanderers, and I personally think getting 1 of them counts considering it’s just shiny and not rarest shinies

You can also just pokepon the other


Side note, does anyone know why specifically the whole “roamer can replace Shiny Deino in Mission 5” thing was done away with?

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i do but i learned about it after i caught Shiny dieno smh

I don’t like that they removed it, but it was a bug, and the devs had to spray the bug spray.

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they can replace deino and you get a free shiny

is it meant to be like that?

it was a glitch the devs fixed but it might work on older version/1.2.3

does it not work? i am pretty sure in rockets “ways to get shinies” article they said it can replace shiny deino

tat might be outdated

I’m not sure, I’ve never done it lol

u can catch all 3 because it ends after defeating/catching dieno