Rarest shiny in the game?

That doesn’t work anymore, this feature actually got removed


Guide’s outdated


i just told them @GiaPeNiw

You did say might be outdated, but u technically still said it so yeah

Welll the Devs acknowledged it and put it in the shiny hunting guide but yeah it’s a bug

Also shiny cres is objectively rarer than the dogs cuz the dogs could be obtained through the shiny deino glitch AND if you factor in all the multipliers, the dogs will have a 1 in 10 chance of occurring

Not to mention there’s no way to boost Cress’ encounter rate like you can do with the Dogs

Yeah and the fact that you could have all your Mons be multipliers then the chances of you getting a dog increases substantially

so yeah shiny cres is like the rarest shiny mon in the game

Wait can event Mons that are in cherish balls be hunted in Pokémon, assuming they’re non shiny?

Cuz in that case, they might be the rarest as 1pretty much noone has them and 2the only way to get them is by pokepon, which is super tedious

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I plan on pokeponning cres/raikou since I cannot be bothered to do encounters

I’m not going to hunt any roaming legend cuz it’s not going to be good for my mental health

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They can’t be shiny hunted

just use an older version lol

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I think they patched that.

we’ve said tat 3 times…

incuding the ability that helps you find it? (Volt Absorb for more Raikou odds, Flash Fire for more Entei odds, Water Absorb for higher Suicune odds)

guys guess wat

i got a timid bulbasaur with 31 speed iv lol for my deltaloske