The timeless are easy

i just bulldozed them with DD intimidate gyrados

orion was harder than them.

thats a bit of a stretch

im currently going to catch the weather trio

i would disagree.

flashbacks to me overleveling my delta charmander to lv 36 to beat him
yeah no your probably right

even orions AI was better.

you know how in a gym match they will change the poke to be one with a type advantage.

the timeless dont even do that.

you can sweep half of the team and not worry about him changing to the mega charizard that has 4x times super effective moves agaist you.

they just go trough there poke in order.


thus making it easy to set play even more than before since you can expect what poke comes next.

ay by the way how is the zygard shiny hunting going?

im currently catching zygard then i remembered you,

not good

welll im not too far in but i dont have that much free time anymore so yeah

welp more good luck to you man.

thx lol

wouldnt shadow mewtwo be the hardest to shiny hunt now that i think about it.

u have to go trough so much just to get to him.

a shame cause his shiny looks sick.

Not really, the hardest ones to hunt would be the roamers (Cresselia, Raikou, Suicune and Entei)

well i guess ur right

no, cressilia is cuz shadow mew2 you can cheese the cc with A_Wild_Noob_Appeared 's strat