Radical red Easy randomizer nuzlocke

I’m going to be doing radical red on my Gameboy advanced for a well-known twist! A randomizer nuzlocke on one the most hardest yet up-to-date rom hacks there is. It has 8th generation pokemon + any new moves, new forms and raid dens. A lot of pokemon i battle might have max EVs, plus you can’t use items in any battle and you cant get a free switch after you faint a pokemon.

This will be your regular Random nuzlocke.

Ready? Let’s begin.

To start off my adventure i choose my name

(btw any other updates will be mentioned in description up top.)

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My nickname is homage to green from the pokemon manga. (in the back obvs.)


Even though the Pokémon adventures manga was dark and had death. It still had humor and the dark parts to the story added to the uniqueness of it.

and of course

I grab the potion from the PC and set the randomizer option on

I decide not to change options to randomized abilities and move pools. Because i could NOT handle the craziness.

I choose this Pokémon because my 7 year-old cousin said “Choose the evil horsie!!!”.I had asked her who to choose between Alolan dugtrio and Spectrier.


The name was given to by @one_above_all i had not told him the pokemon yet just asked for a name. I like it.

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Blue had choose the Wig wearers Dugtrio.

Sucks for me.

I choose not to include this battle until we get pokeballs to count deaths.

It turns out dugtrio only know the moves growl, tri-attack and metal claw. Tri-attack doesn’t affect me and it spams growl so i MIGHT win.

I also have an oran berry so


Funfact, in Japan, Blue is named Green.


He could have killed me but in the end choose growl ;-;.

I was faster but his ability tangling hair lowered my speed



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After getting a quick heal from mom

I head to the Pokemart to get the parcel

While going through the route i found a roserade, Greninja and beautifly. Hoping it is greninja with battle bond…

After receiving Oran berries and the dexnav i travel to route 1 to get the 1st encounter.

I go for the greninja using the dexnav.

I am really lucky and catch greninja using all my pokeballs in the process.


I forgot to name it Peter after @PeterHolmes74.

Will use the name changer in lavender town if i get the chance.

On second though its a girl so Peter can you please choose a name :thinking:

tbh this is the only time i will be able to do the dexnav like this because i had already run thru the grass to get this.

I count fishing encounters as seperate encounters so i level up Hawking for this.

After a few grinding i find out every pokemon on route 1