Post ur custom deltas here

Delta zygarde : The extreme doom pokemon
ability: Flame strom or Destructo
Flame storm: icreses speed and sp.atk every 2 turns
destructo: Increses atk and sp.atk lowers def or sp.def

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Are those wings from charizard? This looks nice but the head is messed up and the pixel size.

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thanks, and ya i agree about the head being a bit messed up

why do I feel like ive seen this before? (No offence)

idk, im new here

There was that thing I made. Please, don’t necro it:

@PeterHolmes74 that drawings amazing

i dont know about you guys, but i use japeals fakemon maker (Fakemon Maker) and pixelart (Rocketbox's Gallery - Pixilart) to make my delta species… have drawn with hand but prefer tho use these 2

just finished making another delta

delta pyroar, its a electric/ice type pokemon

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also made a delta gigalith

cant decide if its rock/fire or water/fire

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Since I barely have what it takes to draw Mimikyu, my sister made the drawing.


How in the world is this pyroar this is literally solgaleo

bruh, i added pyroars face and tail and stuff to it

pixil-frame-0 (5)
delta castform
the crazy pokemon
after being caught in a nuclear blast, castforms type changed to poison and psychic

You mean delta solgaleo?

You really love charizard s wings eh?

i do love chary boi

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