Delta Gardevoir (Night) line

If you consider it as too powerfull, I can accept given nerfs. Its signature ability and signature move are subjective and could be deleated for any reason if introduced in the game. Keep in mind, I want to keep some copyright because she is a central character in a fanfiction I am currently writing. These are only sketches written in french, shame on me I didn’t made all the sprites.


Delta Ralts (Night)
Type: Ghost / Dark
Ability: Rattled / Shadow Dance (Hidden)
Gender ratio: 50 / 50
Egg Group: Delta
Hatch time: Unknown
Height: 0,4m (1’04")
Weith: 6,6 Kg (14,6 lbs)
EVs yeld: 1 SpA
Catch Rate: 235
Base Friendship: 35


(Movepool yet to come, shame on me)

Pokédex despription: When it is afraid, it spread its fear in every living creature within 2 miles (3,21KM) with its horns and run away.


Delta Kirlia (Night)
Type: Ghost / Dark
Ability: Rattled / Shadow Dance
Gender ratio: 50 / 50
Egg Group: Delta
Hatch time: Unknown
Height: 0,8m (2’07")
Weith: 5,1 Kg (11,24 lbs)
EVs yeld: 2 SpA
Catch Rate: 120
Base friendship: 35


(Movepool yet to come, shame on me)

Pokédex description: When it dances, paranormal activities happens in the surrounding.


Delta Gardevoir (Night)
Type: Ghost / Dark
Ability: Hate / Shadow Dance (Hidden)
Gender Ratio: 50 / 50
Egg Group: Delta
Hatch Time: Unknown
Height: 1,6m (5’03")
Weith: 48,4 Kg (106,7 lbs)
EVs yeld: 3 Spe Attk
Catch rate: 45
Base Friendship: 35

Hate is a signature ability, it has 1/3 chance to increase Special Attack and Attack by one stage upon landing or receiving a super effective attack.


Start: Evil Spell
Start: Astonish
Start: Teleport
Start: Seduction
Start: Stored Power
Lv 4: Shadow Sneak
Lv 8: Discharming Voice
Lv 10: Confuse ray
Lv 13: Confusion
Lv 19: Feint Attack
Lv 26: Screech
Lv 32: Shadow Ball
Lv 37: Psychic
Lv 40: Evil Spell
Lv 45: Dark pulse
Lv 51: Calm Mind
Lv 57: Foresight
Lv 60: Night Daze
Lv 68: Nasty Plot

TM: Toxic, Return, Frustration, payback, Work Up, Attract, Echoed Voice, Hidden Power, Shadow Claw, Incinerate, Dream Eater, Light Screen, Reflect, Psych Up, Taunt, Protect, Torment, Areial Ace, Round, Focus Blast, Fling, Quash, Will-O-Wisp, Embargo, Thunder Wave, Infestation, Flash Canon, Trick Room, Snarl, Dark Pulse, Calm Mind.

Move Tutor: Hyper Voice, Knock Off, Elemental Punch, Electro Web, Role Play, Shockwave, Snatch, Spite, Ally Switch, Signal Beam, Zen Headdbut, Wonder Room, Magic Room, Outrage, Skill Swap, Dragon Pulse, Foul Play.

Evil Spell
Type: Ghost
PP: 10
Power: -
Accury: 80
Target: Sinlge opponent nerby.
Effect: inflict a burn that reduce SpA. Ghost types and Pokémon afflicted ny a curse are immuned.
Description: The user send an evil spell to the opponent and burn its soul.

Pokédex description: Extremelly possesive, she has no remorse to torture and dismantle a soul if she think her trainer is in danger.


Mega Delta Gardevoir (Night)
Type: Ghost / Dark
Ability: Anihilate
Height: 1,6m (5’3")
Weight: 48,4 Kg (106,7 lbs)
EVs yeld: 3 Spe Attk

Anihilate works like Pixilate, for Dark Type.


Pokédex Description: She can turn light into darkness and create small black hole up to 30 Cm if her trainer is hurt.


Didn’t worked on him yet, shame on me.


Since my best Photo editor is Paint, I cannot make the sprites myself. I wish i could work on it.

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If you really want to make sprites, you could always try Scratch. It’s a free website, and where I make my sprites. You can also use it for programming, but these days I just do spritework there. You’ll have to make an account, which just requires your email and a username.

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Looks cool, it has potential at the very least

The design itself is awesome but I have a concern: many minute details will probably be lost in the sprite (like the pupil, the pattern around the eye or the smaller details of the “horn”). And what colors should they be?

As for balance: they seems pretty fine for me, Evil Spell is interesting. It’s good against special attacker but less accurate than Will-o-wisp. The ability Hate is strong on the offensive if you have a movepool with good coverage, but kinda useless on the defence (let’s be honest, if Gardevoir receive a supereff attack, it won’t stay on the field for long, and Fairys have a lot of good special attacks + a very strong physical one, as much as I love the mon, it’s not very tanky) - the thing is, the typing is a good defensive combination, so I guess it balances out?

Overall, a good design on paper, it’s clearly the pokémon you intended but with enough flavour to make it different, the only issue I see is again how the minor details that makes it stand out will probably be lost on the sprite sadly.


It’s eyes are red with a lighter tone at the extremity. Horns are red too.

Yeah, too much detail I guess.