New Moon & Hone Claws Combo

I was really intrigued by New Moon, and one thing about it that gets overlooked is the boost that it gives to Hone Claws, increasing its boosts in both accuracy & attack to two stages. I thought it would be cool to use a New Moon team with this in mind. Now, I wanted this team to be effective without New Moon up, so that I am not screwed if I can’t get/keep it up. I haven’t used this team competitively (so no natures and EV/IV’s listed), but it has worked wonders for me ingame. I just made it to Nasca Town ingame, so all Pokemon listed currently lvls 55-57. Looking for opinions/suggestions.

Delta Roserade [Shadow Dance] {Dark Rock}

  • New Moon
  • Lunar Cannon
  • Moonblast
  • Thunder Wave/Hurricane

This is my New Moon setter. I did use Delta Blastoise here, but no Lunar Cannon, and 4x weak to fairy was a drawback. LC & Moonblast for STABs, Thunder Wave to help out my heavy hitter, the star of my team…

Tyrantrum [Rock Head] {Leftovers}

  • Hone Claws
  • Earthquake
  • Dragon Claw/Crunch

The destroyer of worlds. Step 1) Hone Claws Step 2) Head Smash EVERY. THING. DIES. The reason the Hone Claws boost is so important is that 80 accuracy for Head Smash, to make sure that your nuke of a head smash is not going to miss. Tyrantrum does have its issues, namely speed. I use livewire/thunder wave support to help with that. Lots of weaknesses via typing, but the new moon helps with fairies. Besides, all you have to do is survive one hit and get a head smash off and you are good to go. Honestly, you could go with any moves after Head Smash for coverage. I use Eq. for steels and Dragon Claw for STAB. Leftovers for survivability.

Blaziken [Speed Boost]{?}

  • Hi Jump Kick
  • Blaze Kick
  • Hone Claws
  • Baton Pass

I have trouble getting attacks off sometimes with Blaziken if I go for a Hone Claws boost, but Tyrantrum really appriciates the speed boost when switched in via Baton Pass. Not sure about items for him. Hone Claws helps out the Hi Jump Kick, because you can’t afford to miss.

Delta Snorlax [Thick Fat] {Life Orb}

  • Synthesis
  • Leaf Blade
  • Crunch
  • Belly Drum

This pokemon has been my tank. I have hardly used belly drum, I don’t think I’m using him to the fullest of his abilities. Nevertheless, he doesn’t need New Moon to hit, and hit hard. Shrugs off life orb recoil with Synthesis.

Delta Gardevoir [Lightningrod] {Expert Belt}

  • Ice Beam
  • Thunderbolt
  • Moonblast/Energy Ball
  • Livewire/Thunder Wave

Has been such a clutch pokemon. Soloed Jaern’s Mega Rayquaza :open_mouth: Great coverage, fills a special attack void on my team. Expert belt to capitalize on coverage.

I have used many pokemon in my sixth slot: Scizor, Swampert, Greninja, Gengar, and Flygon. Just caught Deino, and considering using it when evolved to Hydregion.

I would love suggestions on a mega slot since I don’t currently have one, and on any moveset/items/pokemon/etc. Also, I was wondering how viable this set is competitively.


I love the Hone claws, new moon combo. I am using a Mega Delta Charizard and a Hustle Durant.

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I got some recommendations for your team:

  • Replace Leftover on Tyrantrum with Focus Sash if you are affraid to be fainted in 1 hit. Leftovers won’t help you out in this case.
  • Replace Life Orb on D.Snorlax with Leftovers as D.Snorlax is a tank and if you settup Belly Drum, you don’t need Life Orb.
  • To use the Speed Boost on Blaziken you could use Protect on the set, but then you should get rid of Hone Claws and take the risk of missing, but that won’t be that much of a problem ingame.
  • As of your sixth Pokemon I would recommend Mega Delta Charizard, as it sets up New Moon when Mega Evolved and has advantages with New Moon set up.
  • Energy Ball and Moonblast on D.Gardevoir doesn’t give you and coverage over Ice Beam / Thunderbolt as they are STAB and neutral to the coverage Energy Ball or Moonblast gives you, even so Moonblast will hit less if New Moon is up. You could give D.Gardevoir Calm Mind for that case. You could also consider D.Gardevoir to be your Mega.
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